The Look of Agent 47


Perhaps, I’d love to see Saint Petersburg again or maybe Moscow.


Russia or Hong Kong in season 2 would be amazing. :slight_smile:


I would love to see the AREA (not mission) from St. Petersburg Stakeout be remade. Obviously it should be very different, but I loved the snowy Russia levels.


Me too, I found the missions that took place in Russia to be pretty enjoyable due to the immersion that the environment made.

A snow mission at night in Russia would be perfect. :wink:


Am I alone here when I say that 47 in HITMAN is the best in game version of 47 ever? I wasn’t a huge fan of his Absolution look.


I can partially agree because although his new look doesn’t look too bad, I much prefer the way his menacing face looked in blood money.

Although if the newer 47 we have now had more features on his face like in blood money then I’d say it would almost be the best. :wink:


I liked Absolution more.

Facial animation!!!


47 is a robot he doesnt have emotions…


Not having emotions isn’t an excuse for not moving you eyes :smile:


he a robot duh :joy:


That’s true, I miss that feature in blood money and in absolution.


Idk but he could need some more muscles?
I’m not sure but he looked stronger in older games…


@Th3m4trixX Technique > Strenght


We could publish a book called “The Look of Agent 47” And just have it be this thread.


While I tend to drool over 47’s body in some of the previous models, I actually think his body in HITMAN looks quite perfect for his job. It’s less bulky and more toned meaning more endurance/speed than explosive strength (his explosive strength should be above most men anyway).


2676 replies talking about how handsome 47 is :smirk:


Book 1: The Look of Agent 47
Book 2: The Psychology of Agent 47 (50% is about his sexuality)

47: HMF members…you’ve obviously learnt too much about me. I can’t have that. Not even in my death.


This forum, these bullets

Every bullet has a username on it



That picture scares the crap out of me