The Look of Agent 47


I can now understand why some people think Absolution 47 has a “dangerous rapist head”. :joy:


Okay, thanks for that. :scream:
Wanted to take a break from Hitman anyway. A looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong break.


What does rapist head mean? Do rapist people have a certain face?


It refers to his wide face + super square jaws + breathtaking eyebrows + menacing & constantly scanning eyes + pissed off expression in Absolution.

It was said as a joke of course, but most women probably would prefer seeing HITMAN 47 rather than Absolution 47 in a dark alley, not that the former is any less creepier but…:sweat_smile:


They’re both menacing but in different ways.
HITMAN’s 47 looks less emotional and the way they decided to make him stare without moving his eyes looks really creepy.

On the other hand in Absolution 47 looks more angry but also more human in some way.

Overall I like HITMAN’s 47 more.I just wish he had a little bit more muscles like he did in Absolution…


Absolutely perfect! Nice work.:sunglasses:


Tobias the Reaper (or a well-groomed gent if he acts well and doesn’t stare at people)
The Wife Beater (in any disguise)

Shit both are dead ends. :joy:


Beautiful! :heart_eyes:


Honestly this thread has done a total 180 since its inception. It went from hating on 47’s new look saying it’s not up to par to sudden appreciation and acceptance that every look of 47 is welcome and has its qualities.


To be fair they changed it since the first gameplay trailer.


My all time favorite 47 look is the one in the saints trailer.


Four promotional bodyguards and one main character - none of them gets it right… that’s video game movies for you.


One other problem is that 47 has a perfectly round head in the games and that’s just something rare in real life.


Attack of the Saints was one of my favourite levels of all time. Starting pinned down in that burning motel room and having to build from the ground up to take the advantage and then stalking them in the cornfield. Loved it! :heart_eyes:


It was also an assassination mission with loads of targets in it which was a rare thing in absolution so it actually felt pretty good to play it.

It was a torture for me becasue I always went for suit only.


You mean you made 47 wade through the cornfield in his robe? All the brush poking at his ball sack?


How many replies will it be when the final season came out?


Depends on if his design changes again. You know if they make the slightest change there will be an outcry! Those eyes are too stern or too calm or too nice. 47 isn’t nice!!! He’s a killer lol


A simple way to solve this problem:

Open Absolutions properties—>models—> 47.vmt—>copy—>HITMAN properties—>paste

Disclaimer: Not responsible if game won’t work anymore.


You silly master race guys… you know we can’t do that with the playbox and the Xstation.