The Look of Agent 47


Not that it works on pc or anything :joy:


Lmao :joy:

why 20 character


Does anyone else think the barcode is a little bit too small? In Absolution, it had just the perfect size for me.

Can someone at IO put in a cutscene where the barcode gets “retattooated”? :joy:

With the small barcode it feels like someone wanted to have the 47 tattoo, but halfway through he changed his mind.

Just an opinion tho


Even from the back in Absolution 47 looked so dangerous


Exactly. That “Don’t fuck with this guy” look :joy:


I do miss the absolution barcode. Even though absolution gets alot of shit, have to admit it nailed the barcode. This one we hsve now is just kinda bland and doesn’t really stick out. I guess it makes sense to not want to have a big sign on the back of your head but it’s just not as cool.


What I loved from Absolution is 47’s model. It felt like the natural evolution from Blood Money.


But you need to be evil to be so brutal. You can’t just kill with out enjoying it


Did you also notice he has his Blackballer but its not in the game after a year


Only now I came to think that this new look was inspired by Mitch from Baywatch…
But it looks good tough. If this actor was still young I think he would be perfect in the role of 47. But looking again. Maybe its just this shot that makes him look so identical


Just in this shot I think but holy shit even those nasolabial folds are identical. :fearful:


Nah his hands are to feminine.


And his arms are too long.



Looks a bit like they took parts from the Hoff and from German actor Til Schweiger:


Great… now for a while, every time I see 47 run, I’m gonna think of this…


Starring Pamela Anderson as Diana


I’m a big Bond fan. Timothy Dalton was always my favourite in the role. He had the classic Bond look and the cold, calculating portrayal. Just realised he would’ve made a good 47 too - in the looks department. They share common facial features. His face superimposed on 47’s is damn near perfect. Dat jawline. I’m not gonna lie - there is a man crush happening here.




That is absolutely terrifying mate.


I can see this thread is slowly but surely being revived.