The Look of Agent 47


Well here we are in 2018 and I think everyone still likes the new face.


So what does everyone think about the anniversary outfit bundle? I like the middle outfit the most, don’t care much for the left outfit because I find the mask a bit off-putting.


I don’t like any of them but I can see 47 wearing the Uncharted rip-off costume next time he’s on business in Colombia.


That suit is based off Freedom Fighters (2003) so if anything is a ripoff its the other way around.


The mask for the Mini-Ninjas… I don’t know why we can’t have the Hokkaido Ninja disguise available in all levels. I’m not sure how that one (with the bandit mask -uhg) will work. Will it just be some whimsical outfit like the Santa disguise? If we had the actual Ninja disguise, I’m sure that’d be hostile in all areas… And that’d kind of be the point (but maybe you could only pick certain starting locations so you’re not insta-spotted).

The other 2 are fine, but I prefer the middle one out of all 3.


Chronology isn’t always the arbiter of what a rip-off is or who “owns” what.

Gobots predated Transformers on TV by at least two years but we all know who “owns” the robots-in-disguise gimmick now. Incidentally there were very real fears at Sunbow that they would be pelted out of the networks as a “Gobots Rip-off”. There were even these metrics that showed Hanna Barbera’s dominance of the Age 9 and younger bracket and it really looked suicidal back then… until Transformers Ep1 aired. In hindsight Sunbow can look at this period and laugh at how they defied the odds and “stole” the gimmick from under an animation powerhouse.

Uncharted “owns” this “battle harness + neck scarf + cargo pants + outdoorsman watch/wristband” look now in my book by virtue of the same result: Popularity. Nathan Drake walks it like he owns it, and you have to admit the look is most popularly associated today with that character.


Pretty conclusive to me from which is based off, 0 resemblance to anything Uncharted.


IOI created a character in 2003. Years later, Uncharted stole the look, and because they were more successful with their game IOI now can’t use the look in an outfit pack that celebrates their old IPs?

You’re entitled to your opinion, but this seems like a bizarre view of what constitutes a ripoff to me.


It’s a Mind VS Heart thing, my friend.

Of course I also know the costume is from Freedom Fighters by IOI. And in my heart this is their thing.

In my mind though, IOI can use it, but it’s “not 2003 anymore” if that makes sense.

Let’s just say you guys weren’t there when JOHN CARTER was derided as “an AVATAR rip off” and their defense - that the novel they based the film on pre-dated AVATAR by decades - fell on deaf ears.

And it became a bizarre thing as @Kent pointed out: “Yes! We own the originals! But we won’t be able to defend ourselves to the people who don’t know or care about our original! So we are now also a rip off of our own thing!”

But yes. It is the Freedom Fighters suit. It was wrong for me to refer to it another way. :slight_smile: And as a literal tribute to FREEDOM FIGHTERS it has to be the same outfit.

Sigh…I tend to look at everything from a Four Audience Quadrant Lens. Which results in me looking at this Freedom Fighters look from the wrong POV. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I believe in owning up to mistakes so I shall leave my slip-of-the-tongue post unedited. :slight_smile:


Boii who tf this egghead looking bitch?


A merge between Timothy Olyphant and Rupert Friend gone wrong.


I wouldn’t put to much into it, it’s not a finished game yet and character models changes a lot through the production. Just look at H16 and the final version.


Where’s that photo from?

I doubt they’re going to change 47’s character model at all

Just saw there’s new trailer nevermind


new trailer for E3, I can’t find it too well though



thank you, but there is no trailer on the official HITMAN page


Just remember how 47 looked in the first Hitman 1 trailer, no need to panic.


Who forgot to close this thread?!


Sims 5 is looking great.


he looks high as fuck