The Look of Agent 47


It looks like they want to get rid of that “always pissed off” look and try to go for a more neutral/emotionless face expression. Of course there’s also a bit of unfortunate lighting. The general face structure seems to be similar to 2016. It also seems like they improved the head texture.


So weird, cause this looks like the old 47, or is it just me?


Same killing animations from H16. Should have expected that. Hopefully they made the fiberwire kill animations to last atleast as long as in Contracts/Blood Money. In HITMAN you literally kill them in 1.5 sec


For me this game is the same as Hitman 6 only with new maps and clothes.



Ah, this thread again. I remember I was very passioned about his face back in 2016.

But, I’ll say it again. Absolution had the best model (and face) of 47 of all the Hitman games. It was simple perfect. The walking animations etc. were all great. Absolution did it just perfect really. Though, I think the face now looks fine, but just that Absolution was perfect!


What’s with the lighting in the second one? He looks like a mannequin.


Yeah,for me the bigger issue is how low quality his face looks


They reworked the eye/eyebrow section. The general face structure is similar to 2016. Lightning + video compression play also a role.



Guise the gloves are missing



Oh god it’s flashbacks from 2016 all over again!!! People are getting a little carried away.

First of all, after playing the Sniper Assassin Pre-Order Bonus, 47 looks very much like he did in the 2016 game.

The Miami Trailer is probably Alpha/Beta footage.


Don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s the same face from H2016, but something wrong with illumination in the beta build, and that’s why everything looks flat, and 47’s face looking different.


Heh, Agent 47? More like Agent 420.

I’m confident this won’t be the look he has in the final game, since the textures do look a bit off in general after watching the trailer several times, but that doesn’t make this any less terrifying.


maybe they had to record it on a shitty laptop


yeah I don’t know why people are tripping. We went through this with HItman 2016. Everything turned out fine. They’re not gonna roll out 4/20 where’s my gun 47


Like I say, the Miami footage is more than likely early beta footage.

We’ve already seen 47 from the Sniper Assassin game mode and his face is exactly like the 2016 game.

We don’t need to worry.


Sniper Assassin isn’t based off of Hitman 2, so no. The beta excuse doesn’t work since they wouldn’t have redesigned the face in the first place if they planned on keeping the old one.


Add-on long hair and its Michael Jackson


Man I knew he reminded me of someone famous hahaha