The Look of Agent 47


You know that for sure do you??? After all Sniper Assassin is a new mode altogether!!


It’s obvious. They reused the character model and the UI is identical. Why do think they made a new character model for Hitman 2 if they intended to use the old one?


Well why use two different character models when Sniper Assassin is all tied in with Hitman 2 anyway?

Doesn’t make any sense. Think it’s best to just see what happens.


Because it’s not tied to it, it’s a separate game.

But yeah, let’s wait.


It’s a pre order bonus specifically for HITMAN 2. Would be utterly stupid if they changed his model just for season 2.


Yet they did just that.


It seems fine in the demo. Not a big deal for me


It’s just a different lighting model for the Miami map.

It is apparent to me that the model is physically the same the lighting is just very different and seems too bright in some areas. Light in 3D rendering doesn’t work the same way it does in the real world, so it’s easy to “rub out features” when certain lighting strength is too high.


People should hold off judgment until we see the other environments.

Considering what IOI went through to get to this point, I really doubt they’d bother to spend money to alter the hero model.


Telling by the fact this is just pre beta I’m confident it’ll be alright


My confidence is more that it appears that none of the old assets were changed, or needed changing. There was also a lot of work on new assets that would hardly justify mangling 47’s face.

At worst, that is 47’s “unposed” face rig when he is walking, which is something none of us have seen since whenever we make 47 walk forwards we only see the back of his head.

The other thing is no one noticed that Sierra Knox looks more glamorous in the Target tease photo, but looks much more “butch” in the teaser video - again… I take that down to lighting and face poses.

I am not worried because I can also see the model for her is physically the same.

I expect the game to look alright in full motion. :wink:


In darker shots it is clear that bump and wrinkle maps for the face of 47 are still there.

So everybody keep calm and carry on.

At any rate, overreacting to a video game hero’s face is hardly the correct response.


I doubt that’s an ingame footage.
I’m pretty sure that whole trailer was CGI


Well my position is that I’d play the game even if 47 grew back his “owlbrows” from Absolution.

The highlight of the reveal was the new Miami map.


Yeah it’s obviously going to change before November.

Like you say anyway it’s Pre-Alpha Footage.


Nope I haven’t seen those pictures, they are pretty cool. I really like the first one, it’s always interesting to see how things develop through time. Just like the first concept trailer for Absolution.


It’s Absolution’s 47 after a some beauty sleep and actually taking care of his suit.


And it fits the age of a 50+ year old man


Man,I like this darker tone a lot more.

Reminds me a little of Contracts,has a nice noir feel to it


YES! And look how good she looks. Better stop looking, I’m falling in love again with a fictional character :disappointed_relieved: