The Look of Agent 47


I kinda like the current fancy British woman Diana :’)


This is also first time we see her with cigarette,interesting…


I kinda like this look to Diana, she seem much more mature and kinda done with all of 47’s shit. It would be interesting to see a more “gritty” version of her.

Well to be honest, good ideas are all fine and dandy. But just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it works in practice. Game design is hard balance and sometimes good ideas don’t always workout like we want them to.

That said I do understand why IOI went another route with H16, this dark tone might have been to familiar to Absolution and I think IO trying to stay clear of that as of now. I hope we get to see a darker game down the line or that there are darker levels in H2.


i’m sure we’ll see some darker levels in H2. the one IOI presenter (i forgot his name) at E3 said that the level before Miami is going to be darker and very contrasted from Miami. idk if he means that just in lighting terms, but a darker level opening up H2 would be so cool.


Level before that should be New Zealand


No,@badeaguard made a new thread about it.It was from 2016 concept art


I made a topic about it: Hitman 2016 prototype concepts. The game that never was

Cool stuff they had in mind for season 1.


Except for 47‘s look. Yuck!


I was searching the net & I didn’t found a detailed & accurate picture of 47 in HITMAN(2016) so I go to make these

these pictures are in orthographic(not perspective)& it’s better for close look!
The model is not for me and someone who named ROBBERT13 ,riging and texturing it.I just make an image.:neutral_face:


When your contract as model for HITMAN 2 doesn’t get renewed:


They’ve never fixed that stupid crack down the centre of his head, you can still notice it in the game, hope the legacy pack fixes this


47 is looking more and more like deformed Voldemort fetus.


I would like to know whats up with the Numbers under his Barcode? in Codename 47 and Absolution he has them, in all other games not.
Is there a specific reason behind his? was there a meeting and someone said “those Numbers annoy me, they have to go?“’.

@Lasse_IOI @Travis_IOI @Torbjorn_IOI :slight_smile:


design choice? perhaps to make it look more simple


more simple than Codename 47? okay, they where just dots in C47. And also, look how insanely detailed the Levels are nowadays - so why not the 47 Skin? :grin:


that’s why it was most likely a design choice


Probably redundant. I just hope that by the time someone extracts the barcode texture and you run a barcode scanner on it, the result is 640509-040147.


Yeah, it’s definitely a design choice. Characters get simplified to their most iconic elements over their years so their look is more refined and eye catching.

Took a look at any Marvel character. Not in the movies, in the comics themselves Spider-Man loses his '60s web wings and pupils because those are the least recognisable parts of the character. The Green Goblin debuted riding a broomstick, Nick Fury was white and Captain America had a triangular shield, for God sake.


Here’s a comparison so you know what I’m talking about:

Spoilers for these 40-50 year old comics.

Now take a look at 47 in Contracts art versus his 2016 promotional material.

Way less superfluous detail in the shirt and tie area but still the same design that made the guy famous back in 2000.

Of course, you don’t have to like these changes but you’ve gotta understand that every character had to undergo some sort of metamorphosis in order to last as long as a 47 or a Ratchet or a Mario.


Now there is also the fact that pinstripes in shirts, ties and suits aren’t in fashion like they were in the early and mid two thousands. 47 style also follows the current trends, changing his suits to follow the current trends isn’t the same as making him less detailed.

Also the numbers under 47 barcode comes and goes. It’s just a design choice, nothing more.