The Look of Agent 47


Oh yeah, good point. I do remember Cool Ghosts called 47 “dated”, so that might have informed the decision for a location-specific clothing option.


Those renders of 47 in 2 and Contracts are so fucking good. I hope they bring back that style some day. Blood Money tried to get the characters to look that way I think but failed spectacularly and the characters look so ugly and lifeless.

Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness had the same sort of style and had like 100% perfect in-game representations of the CG renders of characters, and AoD Lara was brought back as a skin in Rise of the Tomb Raider for PS4 and she looks amazing with the new technology. A timeless art style that would fit super well with Hitman if they brought it back

CG Render



Imagine seeing this 47 look moving around in-game in real time. It would be amazing


That CG 47 render, it is supposed to be Hidden Valley, not Uncanny Valley.:joy:


Why would they do this to my boy


Forgive if I am wrong but the stills used in the cutscenes are concept artworks they touched up in post-production. That is not his in-game face. Also there is nothing wrong with that face to me.


This is literally in game.


No take a photo of him as he appears in the actual game not some still from an artwork made at least two years ago.


This is from the cutscene in NZ mission when the guards arrive, I think. So, in-game?


Lmao like I said, it’s literally his in game face. 10:25


Is it huh does not look like that to me, looks like an art-work. I like the face anyway, I like it when 47 looks some what normal.


Yes, the face looks fine imo.


i like the face. finally 47 doesn’t have alien eyeballs


Yeah they finally got the eyebrows and cheekbones to work with a face that makes him look normal but stoic. He does not look like an alien or a Chemamull (Mapuche totem)


Reminds me of Absolution. Specially that scene. I like it


Hi.My opinion is ,the old barcodes was UPC(Universal Product Code) & UPC hasn’t birth/product part but in 47 barcode number we see his birth number (64/05/09-040147) so it can’t be UPC & maybe the new barcodes are in new system that was created by Ort Meyer & it hasn’t number!