The Look of Agent 47


Yeah, that’s true, the new one definitely needs more detailing. But i’m fine with the base form of it and i like that slight hint of the belly pooch, it’s cute :blush:

We will get more of shirtless 47 with the beach resort expansion, i mean… we have to, right?


Signature Mankini? Can’t wait!


Signature mankini with driving gloves.


Looks better than the most revealing disguise in Season 1.

You would think they would try to hide the… cut-off indication by changing the skin tone to match 47’s. :joy:

I assume that Mumbai outfit actually is the base for him despite having the cut off. Looks like it fits how he looks in the wetsuit well enough I think.


it was actually a perfect fit for 2016’s head, but since they changed 47’s head color it’s all fricked


Diana (blows smoke): “It was never about learning who you were, 47. It was always about what you could do. Every life is precious in our industry. Measured in six digit dollar figures. We may have some problems converting those figures… With the way things were going.”

47: “Is that why you had Lucas Grey killed?”

Diana: "It’s why anybody is killed, 47.

47: “You would know better than anyone.”

Diana inhales one more time on cigarette, tosses it and gets in her car to leave as 47 watches.


Ohh no, didn’t even noticed, that the Mumbai one has a neck seam too. Now i won’t be able to unsee it :laughing:
And yup, the sculpt seems to match the shape of the wetsuit to a T, and he looks fine in that, partially bc how shiny it is i guess.

But the texture, specular map or something (i have no idea what i’m talking about here) is not completely there for the shirtless Mumbai bod, so it looks more flat and bland than it could be. Bring up the oil, IO!