The Master Scarecrow Challenge Pack


Unlock all challenges to unlock the TAC-4 S/A Jungle & 23,000 total Mission Mastery!


:clap::clap::clap::clap: this unlock is nominated to best unlock ever!:clap::clap::clap::clap:


when i see first tweet of hitman



Finally. Now this is a normal unlock. I’m going to do the challenges this time for this rifle. Looks good. Will never use is it but I want it


Where did you get the image from?


from scarecrow, he gave it to me via his own hands


No seriously, I want to see if there is news regarding it yet


:joy::joy: same image I dropped into the Oct content schedule thread, it’s from the Hitman twitter page :+1:t2:


there is no news to read. only that bullshit is there


Again, a horrible unlock


IO gives us the hammer, an item that actually has an impact on the gameplay: Badeaguard: pffff shit unlock

IO gives us this reskinned TAC-4 that absolutely adds nothing to the gameplay: Badeaguard: Finally. Now this is a normal unlock.


Sorry @badeaguard , just had to


Well at least is a firing weapon and I can kill people and not trow around hammers to distract NPCs

@MrBurn4488 unlock is quite decent for once. These types of unlocks should had been there way back. They did in fact started with escalation, re compensated you with re skin weapons.
This is not better of course. But way better than a hammer or a ball.


kinda a missed opportunity. This content is coming out Friday 13th, would be cool if they had put some item that was a horror movie reference.


You already have the exact same weapon, just in a different skin.

And eventhough i understand somewhat where you’re coming from, i still find it absolutely hilarious

Nope. A hammer is a million times better, since it affects the gameplay. This new skin does not add anything. Therefor simple logic will tell us: Hammer > this new TAC.

In fact, this new TAC is a contender for the WORST unlock in this game, not even kidding.


What is so hilarious that I come from Romania? :thinking:


Can anyone confirm that it’s exactly the same as this just a different colour?


It is exactly the same yes except for the skin



What? With understanding where you are coming from i didn’t mean from which country you are from, but the motivation/logic behind your statement that this unlock is better than the hammer.

In reality though, it’s a fact that the hammer is alot better, and this new TAC is probably the worst unlock this game has seen


I know, I was joking :stuck_out_tongue: But I really, I prefer unlocks like these instead of a hammer. Eventually if they gave us more I would be pissed because is the same thing.
Of course I wouldn’t mind the Blackballer. I like even more the Siege 300 just because its marked (ICA logo on it)


I hope the challenge pack will have good challenges to complete. More like The Art of Revenge style than The Plumber’s Apprentice. :sunglasses:


And for those who don’t want to go through the pain of Marrakesh Professional Difficulty and want to have a hammer instantly when they enter the mission instead of looking for a wrench or some other blunt weapon to knock people out… that is not the only pro to the Claw Hammer.