The Master Scarecrow Challenge Pack


I’m not really motivated to try to unlock this. Personally, the hammer for me, was an unlock worth having as i’ve used it multiple times in contracts. This unlock, however, i would only use if the contract requires a riffle kill, which we already have a few of them.


I’m not gonna bother looking at it


Mixed reviews, haven’t started yet but I plan to tonight. Bring it on!


I’d say the consensus on this one is pretty negative


Not the best challenge pack they have made, but it’s better than nothing! :open_hands:


No isn’t that same, that doesn’t have colimator so you can’t “focus” aim. So it’s even worse, but have different skin.


Here is how I completed “Lighten Up” challenge without the Wicker Man feature


Ah, I had a feeling they could “witness” their own murder, but I wasn’t sure it would work. Nicely done.

Is there a trick to the timing or does it always work?


It is very constant. But you have to fire up barrel before target shoots. If target will shoot then hell breaks loose

I was also trying to complete this challenge using only one barrel. But it seems that you have to do “accidents” separately


After getting World No. 1 on Leaderboard for The Fugu Feat on the strength of the hammer, I will hear nothing bad said against it!. :stuck_out_tongue:


My collection will never be complete anymore. I lost the Winter Suit already. :frowning:

So more from the perspective of: “Do I need this weapon in my arsenal?” I have to say I can skip this TAC-4 reskin.
The main strategic gain from having this weapon is that you can basically plant the same gun twice now in a mission by carrying one on your person and another in a drop off point.

But I don’t see myself doing that, and I’m better at Mass Murderer with Melee weapons anyway.


You can’t bring it with you, it has to be at a drop-off location :stuck_out_tongue:


Knife Throwing all the way buddy!


It doesn’t seem to work for the other scarecrow challenges. If a target sees you and then you throw an axe in their face, it doesn’t satisfy the axe challenge.

In the fire challenge, you don’t directly kill people… the fire does. So I think they needed to code up the challenge to work differently. In the other challenges, your kill must actually be seen. (And because a person can’t see their own kill, you need a second witness.) With the fire challenge, I think you must simply be compromised before the target dies to fire, and then you must lose the compromised status. Being seen in the scarecrow outfit is good enough… they don’t need to see you actually kill them (because the game doesn’t know how to register that when it comes to a fire kill).


It works with axe too. I have done it twice. But when you are using poison targets couldn’t see their own death


Huh. I can’t get it to fire when using the axe. I’ll have to try on some different targets.


Has anyone created a contract on PS4 for the Lighten Up challenge? I’m like most, struggling with the Wicker Man route!!


I need this contract in PS4!??


You can do it in Freedom Fighters. It’s very easy.


Without using the Wicker Man method?