The Master Scarecrow Challenge Pack


I didn’t even notice a skin until 1 min looking at it


cough cough @fkgfw @cjgarof

Sorry @SpeedsterRunner217, I had to do it, huehueuhhue


I second this for the masamune as well


Don’t be so negative. Think of it as a collecting game like Pokémon except with TACs: Standard TAC, dessert cameo TAC, green cameo TAC, artic cameo TAC, golden TAC, invisible TAC… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


you guys don’t understand, this camo immerses in stealth gameplay so you hide in the brush with it and kill everyone without them noticing you.


Problem is, IO is wasting their time with a useless unlock instead of fixing bugs like head turning and view cones and creating better unlocks


To be fair: It’s not that easy to come up with 10 good unlocks for each mission. Especially since the thing one considers as a good unlock is considered bad by another person.


I know, but reskins …

come on


These are not bugs. Wallhacking is a bug.

As for this unlock, don’t we already have this? Even in the exact same skin?


nah, but it’s the same unlock essentially


But it is. Black skin exactly the same. I don’t see any difference in skin.


there’s a tiny tint of green and it’s called jungle skin


I can’t see that. Sorta color blind-ish.


That explains so much :joy:


It does. But I’d rather be blind than ^illogical^. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But you are both…


Another useless unlock tied to a boring challenge pack.
Actually i am glad that’s the case, i don’t want the good unlocks to be tied to these things (escalations,challenges etc) but main missions.


How do you know that ?


I never liked the challenge system as a concept from the beginning, i don’t mind it being there for completionists of fans who like that kind of thing, i just don’t like doing these things to unlock gear.

Generally I don’t like being forced to do things i don’t consider fun and none of the challenges (in the main game or the ones the added later on) i found to be interesting and never wanted to do them

So i just ignore them

Give me an in-game economy money system with freedom to choose what i want to unlock and i will be happy


It’s impossible. Contracts in this game are highly paid because of the high profile targets. After killing only Margolis and Novikov you would have so much money you could buy everything in game and there will be still much money left. :wink: