The Master Scarecrow Challenge Pack


Then add a way to lose money

Ammo costs money
If you get detected or leave a big mess you lose some for having to call cleaners etc
refilling poisons
If you leave some of your items behind maybe you lose some there
etc etc

Maybe skip the money and add an XP bar and as you level up when you get unlock ICA token stash coins (those would be numbered perfectly for all gear so you cant over level yourself or some sh*t

Nothing is impossible if you sit down and think about it there is always another way

I’d rather have an broken economy system like SCBlacklist had (i have over 9999999999 money in that game) than what we have now

But this is a discussion for a different thread.

I have to add this cause i know some people cant understand this


To be fair, no one should judge this as a complete reskin until it’s tested in-game. It may have higher damage, better accuracy and/or quieter suppression than the previous model. I’m pretty sure I’ve read in here that’s case with some other weapons that were initially assumed to be simple reskins.

Don’t judge a gun by the color of it’s (re)skin. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Tac-4 is already my favorite gun in the game. I don’t know what they could have done to make it better-maybe 47 is able to disassemble it and carry it in his pocket with the 18 wrenches, soda cans, and screw drivers he also carries.


Jokes are a lot more effective when they actually make sense. Just saying.


The TAC-4 stealth that we have is already a 1 shot kill even over long distances, and is as quiet as the silverballer.


One catagory down. Two to go.


It covered all 3 categories :stuck_out_tongue:


Still better than a hammer unlock



I was kinda hoping for platinum coins to see what kind of madness that would trigger here. :joy:


ooooh what about chocolate coins

The target stands in the spot for a couple of seconds eating the chocolate and otherwise being distracted. About the same amount of time the animation for a guard finding a gun is.


I usually don’t complain but just make the damn sedative syringe that’s already in the game an unlockable and you have a sick unlock, nobody likes skins, I’ve never heard someone say “oh a weapon re-skin, just what I wanted, what a great unlock!”



Now we all hate and stuff and ingame it turns out to be a pure melee dummy weapon.
Then we all hate even more :smiley:


Wait what? There’s a sedative syringe already in the game? Googles rapidly…. Apparently there is… Which reminds me to play Landslide more, I think I’ve only completed it once. So yeah, please IOI give us a sedative syringe.


Don’t we already all have this TAC 4 S/A from Level 20 Colorado?


You don’t need the sedative syringe as much as you need to play Landslide more. :wink:


That’s easy. Dual Micro Uzi!

Think about it… we need some unlockables that are “Mass Murdrerer” friendly or would be great as “panic button” options.

And then after that? Dual SUPPRESSED Uzis!


A nice unlock would be a pepper box gun. An almost invisible pistol, can be carried around without being a guard. One round. Aiming is triggering Hunted, unaimed shot generates panic without being suspicious.


it’s you?


I’m down for it.

If they really wanted to improve the Tac-4 they would have extended clips.

Runs out of bullets way to fast.


They can add whatever they want, but first they need to optimise the game like it was long time ago :pensive: