The Master Scarecrow Challenge Pack


Those who are complaining about the unlock should immediately stop complaining.
First of all you are getting this unlock for free. This was never promised as a game content. You are very lucky to have different colored weapon. Not all people like same color. They are providing color option. And with scarecrow challenge theme this unlock gels pretty well.


That is not useful in anyway
and it’s barely visible


that’s the point it’s Camo.



I’m talking about the color change itself
plus I don’t think it matters with NPC in game


I know just fartin around


It is not, actually. Headshots are not full kill shots like the silverballer from further out.


These challenge packs are such a chore. Himmapan horror was the last good challenge pack.


So judging by the pictures from left to right the challenges will be something like:

  • Kill x target with syringe/haybale while wearing scarecrow outfit
  • Kill x target with old axe while wearing scarecrow outfit
  • Master Scarecrow
  • Kill x target with fire while wearing scarecrow outfit
  • Obtain Scarecrow disguise without getting spotted


This is literally an almost identical reskin. Absolutely useless. And you complained about the hammer being useless, despite it being far more useful than most there unlocks.

Also this challenge pack looks shit, probably not gonna play.


Not trying to start anything, but couldn’t you make the argument that the hammer is just a reskin of a concealable batton?
I haven’t used the new hammer yet so I’m not sure if it’s different or not.


Now I see the difference. Stupid me, I was looking at the pic in post 14. Now I looked at the op pic and clearly see the camo green and design. Lol.


it isn’t suspicious


Hammer is a non-suspicious, unbreakable, non-lethal melee weapon. Batton is suspicious. So no.


Ahh ok thanks for clearing up. I guess That should’ve been common knowledge. :sweat_smile:


Some people like new items (last unlock), some people like reskinned weapons (this unlock).
What you like may differ from what other people like.

Add your two cents if you like but also try to be happy for the people that got something they like even if you didn’t.

Man I feel like I should be the next Dalai Lama…


I liked both the hammer unlock and this one. I just wonder, if we get weapon customization in S2, what will they do with all this skinned weapons?


Maybe they are preset combinations. It would make sense that these presets contain customization parts you cannot unlock in any other way.


you cannot wear when you are avaible to get spotted by a guard
prompt button fades


IOI, if so, maybe we’ll get something new in November or maybe even October 24? :smirk:

I’m not sure about the accuracy of this rifle, but it seems like the arts.


I hoped for more interesting challenges, like

  • Halocinogen Rose while disguised as scarecrow, which would be a Batman easter egg
  • Overdose the prisoner as scarecrow, again Batman easter egg
  • Kill Rose, Berg, Graves and Parvati while blending in as scarecrow (not necessarily at the same time)