The Master Scarecrow Challenge Pack


A fun fact I actually noticed about the sedative syringe:

When you jab someone with it they fall unconscious just like if you hit them with a hammer or pacify them.

However, they start audibly snoring, like some of the NPCs in the game who are asleep :laughing:

Definitely seems like the most humane way to pacify someone in the game… So yes, I would like to see it added to the inventory.


The real interesting deal is also that they dont count against Body-Found until someone is actually trying to wake them up.


I just wish the sedative vial/syringe worked with bodies found ONLY if guards come to wake them up. As it is now, even civilians that come to check on them will count as bodies found. If a civilian finds the body, they go call a guard and until the guard shows up to wake them, the bodies found bonus stays intact. That would give the sedative vial/syringe some better advantage than subduing/KOing. And since you only have one, it wouldn’t be OP’d.


That is really interesting, I never knew that. The logic of this game sometimes is bizarre.

So wait, is it the same if you KO someone by putting the sedative vial in their drink? Are there any practical uses for this delay that anyone has found?


It works with the vial too, but I guess only the syringe will give us opportunities where it is actually useful. Not only for delaying body founds but also for new kinds to lure.


I’ll always post this video I made how effective the sedative syringe could be.


Always with the shameless selfpromotion


The Jaeger Covert appeared to be a dumb reskin but actually wasn’t, so there’s a small chance this could be like that somehow. Probably unlikely though.

There’s also a certain irony to the challenge pack offering so much Mastery for Colorado that if you didn’t already have 20 Mastery you’ll probably unlock the regular TAC-4 S/A before you unlock the variant, or possibly you’ll unlock them both at the same time.


You need 114k to get to level 20 starting from scratch.


I’m assuming most people have more than zero, though it is Colorado so maybe some people just ignore it. That makes it even funnier in a way, as it’s potentially easier to unlock than the regular one, depending on how stupid the challenges are.


Maybe, it’s just 1k shy of gaining 4 levels. Make of that what you want (so people would already have to be level 16 with extra xp huehuee)


I would rather have this unlock over the shitty hammer. Plus this is one of my favorite guns from 2016.


Nah, I post things that are interesting. Unlike…well.




I want a fuckin Chainsaw as an unlock!!!


Wrong game, dude.


Would still be better than the same rifle we already have…

Plus I meant for the “Halloween” unlock.
Imagine disguised as Ezra Berg or Korkey The Clown, running around Colorado with that lol

Not something traditional 47 would do, but still something cool to run around with. Can’t really picture 47 running around with a battle Axe either, but…


Ah yes, the chainsaw, a melee weapon that can run out of “ammunition.” The choice of a true professional.


I reitirate, as a “useless” as it would have been, it should have been an Axe or a Machete. Like goddamit, this is released Friday The 13th and the scarecrow costume is classic horror stuff


or this from absolution