The Master Scarecrow Challenge Pack


They’re invited to the Season 2 BETA? :stuck_out_tongue:


sssshhh. do not spoil it!
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A rifle?A…a rifle?A RESKINNED. RIFLE?
I liked the hammer,it had purpose( KO non lethal item from the start is good)but this?I mean,whats the point of adding it?They could have at least given us something new,maybe even without purpose but new,like,I don’t know,an Hatchet?Just to keep the halloween vibe! Or a mace(like the one in BW Park in Absolution)Something like that. Why a rifle?I never really use them. Only shotties rarely just for the fun I get from blasting people,that’s it.
I know that they have the anestethic ready, so maybe in the content coming later(hopefully a bonus episode?)we’ll get that or something better.


fixed for you :slight_smile:

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If it has long range power, then it will be good as the current one can’t shoot as far and kill with a headshot like the silverballer can. If they make this new one stronger than the silverballer from further away (cuz it already is stronger from up close), then it will be a great gun as I wanna use the other one but it being weak is what puts me off from using it. Cuz I love the shooting sound from it. Sounds like the old silverballer.


For anyone who wants to complete the poison challenge of the “Master Scarecrow” challenge pack easier and doesn’t want to deal with killing guards while in combat, use this ID:


Here’s the preview.

If you want to re-create the contract, the first target is the enforcer when you start as a hacker in the farm house, and the second target is the guard sitting on the couch in front of the TV where Kane and Lynch is being displayed.

It’s easy to do this contract because the only other people around are hackers, and they won’t shoot you immediately if you get spotted by them. Of course there’s that one guard that walks around the whole 2nd floor, but he can easily be taken out on the ledge outside with a blunt weapon.

Good luck!


Can someone post challenges here. I don’t have access to HITMAN today😦


how do you do the first one, it’s confusing


i was hoping to see the whole list of challenges here by now lol… got some planning to do in my head while i’m at work :stuck_out_tongue:


Shittiest challenges ever!




Trust me ull know when u see them


Scarecrow Easy Poison Challenge Contract for PS4. I left one target on Any Kill Method so you can Axe him.
If you don’t really care about the challenges but like an easy method.



Well I saw the first one above and I already love it. I haven’t played it so I don’t know what the others are.

Edit: not above me directly but above as the compromised poison one. I will be doing these challenges with an any/any Colorado contract.


for people who tried to kill the three fire barrel targets with one single barrel, did any of you had some issues with sometimes one of the kills not registering? I was making a contract for it and had a couple of issues with that. It would show as “any method”.


Poison and Axe challenge can be done in Freedom Fighters quickly. Fire one should also be doable with wickerman.


Wicker Man is the way to go for Lighten Up. Do all the work on Freedom Fighters as follows:

  • Start as Militia, go get the Scarecrow disguise, sneak to the Water Tower.
  • Activate Wicker Man.
  • Sneak directly to the demolition range. Sean Rose should be there. Make sure you get spotted and light him up first, then quickly ignite anybody nearby. Make sure it’s at Searching or nothing.
  • Maya Parvati should be en route to the van. Light up the guy at the van to make her and Milton Geiger turn around then ignite her, and then Milton, and any roof guys who might’ve seen. Again wait for stuff to calm down.
  • Go around the perimeter to Ezra Berg’s shack. Do whatever to get his attention while also getting Compromised, then kill him and whoever else.
  • Graves should be over by the water tower or possibly in her greenhouse. If you wait long enough she’ll walk toward the house too. Either way, get her to be safe.
  • At this point the challenge should pop somewhere in the notifications of Non-Target Kills; make sure it does, then go get the Sean Rose mask and leave or just quit, whatever.

This challenge pack was absolute garbage. Confusing directions, uninteresting challenges, and a terrible reward. As far as I can tell from testing, the TAC-4 S/A Jungle is categorically worse than the standard TAC-4 S/A. It says it has a “powerful suppressor” but is not quieter than any other gun (unlike the Jaeger Covert, which is Krugermeier-quiet despite that not being listed in its properties), it doesn’t seem to be any more damaging on bodyshots, and it does not have Steady Aim. Unless someone finds a special property on this gun it’s basically even more pointless than the Desert automatic variant. If the TAC-4 S/A is the Silverballer’s big brother, the Jungle is the ICA19’s: The same thing, but not as good.

I know many people hate Colorado a lot and all, but it’s still vastly less frustrating and more fun to just get 20 Colorado Mastery for the basic TAC-4 S/A than to do these challenges for (what appears to be) an inferior version.


Still better than the hammer!!!

I’m kidding, of course. Honestly it’d be far better if this “challenge pack” either had no reward or just didn’t release at all. The unlock is an insult to the fans that have stuck around this long, considering there are items like the sedative syringe IN GAME that would add something new and take 0 effort to add to the loadout.


Many requested something like a new firearm at IOI. The general audience in this forum is not the focus this time, I am okay with it. I am sure other people are happy with a new toy, even if it turns out to be not the best SMG there was already.