The Master Scarecrow Challenge Pack


I’ve put together two videos, unlocking all three challenges. One uses full mastery and the other uses minimal mastery (the only unlock required is a sniper rifle).

Scarecrow Challenge Pack - Minimal Mastery (10:15)

Scarecrow Challenge Pack - Full Mastery (6:12)

Based on the comments here I seem to be in the minority, but I really enjoyed solving these challenges. The Lighten Up challenge was one of the toughest I’ve had to figure out so far this season. If anyone is struggling with the “fire” challenge, then you may find my contract helpful, as it’s very consistent. I guess an axe unlock would have been more fitting, but I get that some people love collecting weapons.

@Travis_IOI, please pass on my thanks to the team for continuing to deliver original and great new content.


How the heck is everyone getting the poison challenge so easily but can’t get the others?!? I read the fire challenge, immediately thought of going the “Wicker” route, got the completion with a spare target (wasn’t expecting to but…) so I paused and read the others, saw the axe one, got the axe, barely got the axe kill while the target was on fire before dying of the fire.

As for the poison one, I have tried 30 times and NO NOT GET IT!! I have tried with the main targets, with contracts, and can’t get it to work! I am not sure of the first 20-25 were perfect, but the last 5-7 were PERFECT!! Still can’t get it. Is there anyone that has a clue why it would complete? I have watched a bunch of videos of people finishing this, and I do them exactly the same and can’t get it…


Not sure how but I got it. I think you need to avoid/shoot cameras first.

ANYWAY, after getting the Jungle SA, celebrate by doing the “Wicker Man” with it, no sniper! I did it to see if it was possible, it is, but you can’t really do it from the water tower, everything is too far. Funny, the bridge bell is closer than the others, but it was the hardest, it wouldn’t register the hit until the 4th or 5th shot.


I wish they gave us a “Hunter’s Orange” TAC-4 AR, when you drop this Jungle camo it is really hard to find it again in the grass, where a “Hunter’s Orange” would be way easier to see


This challenge pack sucks


I wish I understood the rules for the poison challenge, but other than that I liked it. Then again, I really like Colorado, so that helped. (I’d rather get a crowbar or a weapon with different ballistics but unless it was better than the TAC4AR I wouldn’t use it anyway, unless it was Orange)


Here’s mine put together, I had a hard time with recording gameplay for this because of technical issues. w/commentary


I’m pretty much done. Two days now I’ve been attempting Lighten up and it never goes my way. I’m not sure of a legit way to do it either apart from the Wicker Man so I give up. IOI fucked up badly on this challenge pack. This is the worst one by far.


This challenge pack is actually pretty tough, and that’s why I think it’s great.

I think I have to give up on my aspiration of doing it all in the main campaign without using Wicker Man. Getting the targets to the barrels is way too hard. I’m a little surprised that Wicker Man is compatible with the fire challenge… NPCs don’t seem to know that the fires are caused by you. You shouldn’t be able to be comprised by being seen kill someone else. You could only be compromised by being seen, not by being seen killing your targets. But I guess it still meets the criteria.

  • looks at bullshit challenges.

  • looks at crappy reskin.

  • goes back to playing Shadow Tactics.


You like complaining, don’t you?


Almost as much as you like stating the obvious. But not quite.

But is it really complaining to call a turd a turd?


Easiest and fastest way to complete the Poison Challenge:

Hope it helps.


Just finished the fire challenge with wicker man


When you feel the need to state it over and over again, yes. We’ve seen your posts, you don’t have to keep making them.


This Challenge Pack is completely not interesting for me; dumb challenges and a lame reward. I wont do it.


This Challenge pack made me really appreciate the Shuriken. Great way to kill a bunch of guards silently and fast, without needing to aim first.


I just did the Wickerman easter egg for that one =)


I feel your pain. If I wasn’t such a “collector,” I wouldn’t either. But I need that 100% on the statistics :grimacing:

The challenges were… neat? At least they tried something unique/ different. If the reward was anything decent, I might have enjoyed myself. But it honestly just felt like a chore.


Here is how I completed “They Scream, They Cry” and “Taste of Your Own Medicine” challenges in same run