The Medicine Ball Challenge

I’ll make it quick. There are multiple medicine balls in the training gym in Hokkaido’s hospital. Place explosives on them. Transport the balls to Yamazaki and Soders. Kill them with these explosives. Whoever has the best score, wins. No saves allowed. Anything else goes. Full video is required to play this game, you may post as many tries as you want, your best one counts.
Deadline: Season 2 release date.


Does that mean there’s no deadline ?

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No that means you have to be quicker than IO-I. You will realize you need that time once you began to try. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wait a minute. You mean… shoot the balls? All the way to Yamazaki?

I’ll keep my sanity thx

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You dont have to shoot them. Kicking works, too. :slight_smile:

A Preview of what will happen. The Ball makes such funny quotes :smiley:
"Did I tell you that KAI is a Nazi? Does that help? When I conquer the world I will remenber you and making you be my right hand man"

@hitwoman47 when u want something to laugh watch this :wink:

Holy shit someone is doing it :smiley:
I tried to do it with the Portal easter egg medicine ball recently but didnt work out so nice.

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There it is. One run, no save/loading. Only medicine ball :smiley:
Now working on a SA strat :wink:


This is what makes it hard I guess. I thought about bending the rules by exploding a fe with the medicine ball. Dunno.

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There it is. Sub 9. Video takes some time to upload.:smiley:


Silent Assassin, what a messed up but funny challenge :smiley: @Urben
Yuki: Medicine Ball + FE at 2:40
Soders: C4 8:20


I had absolutely no idea about this easter egg.

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I wasn’t aware of it either. Not watched the whole of @CHAOS_AGENT_45’s SA yet, but the delicate roll at 2:40 for the Yuki kill is sublime. :rofl:


Hahaha I loved that thanks for sharing! What a cool trick

Nice work with the medicine ball!

I just tought of that by watching the run, but can you kill Soders by destroying the medical equipment in an explosion? That seems like it would be a logical way to go about it.