The Miscellaneous Thread

I saved Josh in Until Dawn thinking I could actually save him as human.

I actually liked it when Chloe and Max found Rachel’s dead body in Life Is Strange.

I have a youtube channel dedicated to hitman at

I want to kill Square Enix’s CEO in Hitman Season 2

Mendietinha has a discord server

I streamed Tetris once

I have no idea why my OBS always has a low FPS

HMF was made by a hitman fan


I haven’t watched Home Alone yet

nEw ThReAd CrEaTeD
Post anything you want here, no limits, no restrictions.

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Please stop making pointless threads.


I just got 200 subs on YT!

Will stream on twitch later.

I’m totally not advertizing my channels huehue.

Plz don’t ban

This isn’t pointless, no one made a thread just for general discussion without limits.

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Nothing here has to be new, rito

But what’s the point in just saying random shit?

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  1. Discussion
  2. Discussion about your life
  3. Discussion about others
  4. Criticism


You are a good man, @Silverballer, just wanted to ask the same thing.

@Soar7 its nice to see new members trying to bring some life in HMF, bit please look out if theres another Thread about your topics, before creating a new one.

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