The Miscellaneous Thread


I saved Josh in Until Dawn thinking I could actually save him as human.

I actually liked it when Chloe and Max found Rachel’s dead body in Life Is Strange.

I have a youtube channel dedicated to hitman at

I want to kill Square Enix’s CEO in Hitman Season 2

Mendietinha has a discord server

I streamed Tetris once

I have no idea why my OBS always has a low FPS

HMF was made by a hitman fan


I haven’t watched Home Alone yet

nEw ThReAd CrEaTeD
Post anything you want here, no limits, no restrictions.


Please stop making pointless threads.


I just got 200 subs on YT!

Will stream on twitch later.

I’m totally not advertizing my channels huehue.

Plz don’t ban


This isn’t pointless, no one made a thread just for general discussion without limits.



Nothing here has to be new, rito


But what’s the point in just saying random shit?

  1. Discussion
  2. Discussion about your life
  3. Discussion about others
  4. Criticism



You are a good man, @Silverballer, just wanted to ask the same thing.

@Opal_Hitman its nice to see new members trying to bring some life in HMF, bit please look out if theres another Thread about your topics, before creating a new one.