The Mole - Scripting / Triggers

So, someone please correct me if I’m wrong here, but it seems to me that Rangan only ever throws the mole off of the building if you are nearby. Is this accurate? I tried setting up in the sniper tower by the beach waiting for him to do it, but all he ever does is walk up to the mole, talk for a couple of seconds and then go back again.

If this event truly demands that you be nearby I hate it, and I half way have to wonder if anything was learned from season 1.

Just to clarify, one of the great things about these games, in my opinion, is observing patterns of NPCs and then using that. If the patterns are different depending on if you’re nearby or not, that all breaks. How the fuck was I supposed to know this is a proximity based event? I wasted what felt like forever at that sniper perch for something that (I assume) would never happen.

Is there something I’m missing? Some subtlety in the whole thing that I might not know about?


I believe you have to be up on that floor near them. I did the same and the never threw him. His route is kinda short so if he just threw him it would happen to fast. Maybe it should happen if you are near him OR if you have the scope on him while he’s next to the mole?

I’m convinced it’s proximity-based too, he only kills him when I’m in range to listen to his conversation.

Wait Rangan throws the mole off the building? The first time I played I saw him talk to the mole 3 times, and he never threw him off :S

“THE AMBASSADOR HAS OPENED THE SAFE” is the gold standard for scripting in these games.


The actual throwing off the building only happens at the conclusion of 2 or 3 scripted conversations, and scripted conversations always trigger by proximity. So I guess it makes sense that he won’t actually do the deed until you’ve heard at least one of the preceding conversations. I’m not a fan of so many proximity triggered events myself, but I at least understand the logic behind them: all that clever writing (not to mention mission story opportunities) would go to waste if conversations just happened and players weren’t around to hear them.

Also, I kind of suspect the mole was originally planned to be a disguise you could take and then blend in as to set up a unique kill opportunity (like Zaydan’s prisoner in Marrakesh), but they cut that for whatever reason (maybe they just decided even 47 wasn’t foolhardy enough to perch on the edge of a skyscraper roof just so he could kill his target with a cool judo throw or something) and just never changed the infinite AI loop that is only disrupted by the player’s presence.

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