The Money System (that never came to be)



(how it would have worked)

Something i miss from the very first hitman game
Things to improve in HITMAN 2
Why have such an annoying and grindy unlock system?

Ok for money, but REAL MONEY!!

We don’t need “Merces”, this is HITMAN, not Zelda or Mario Kart FFS…

uiconcept3 uiconcept2

(good concept anyway)


I wonder why IO decided to not add the money system


I wonder if that was what they were talking about when they mentioned the new progression system before release but they had to scrap it last moment and we got MkII stuff instead?


Dunno if it was last moment, could be pre-production concept art.


Obviously, it is. I mean that they were planning to implement it but as the deadlines were getting closer they had to scrap it for some reason


IO a second later: updates the game with the money system
It wouldn’t happen lol


More likely IOI played around with the idea of adding micro-transactions, hence the reason it’s toy money.
It would be misleading to say “buy X dollars for Y dollars” but it’s easy to say “buy X merces for Y dollars” after all.


Nice, I never saw those first three pics but I do remember when the last got leaked. Where did you find them?

Also reminds me of this “weapons wheel” concept art that could have possibly involved a money system as well

Theres also this similar image in the World of Assassination trailer for H1


Oh come on man…! Really?! Here’s to hoping they will implement it on Season 3. God dammit.


I am unsure if i would like this.
A: Would i keep the items forever?
B: Would i have need for buying items forever or not?
C: Could i burn my money? We all have been there when you are too rich and you never have to worry about money, but itd be nice if you could burn some of it
D: Do i lose the money if i fail the mission (Relates to A)
E: Could i carry weapons from levels to outside of the levels. Could i for excample get El Matador to Miami
F: Could you go bankrupt?
G: Would it be biased towards those who do it completely silent? If i get spotted i just kill the witnesses, i dont load saves. If i kill, i rarely clean up


Nobody knows :c

I doubt it.

That was the case in the previous games, so maybe

Weapons exclusive to one level can’t be carried to others like in the latest games. Mastery unlocks, yes.

Maybe if you spent too much money and recieved less than what you paid.

In previous games it consisted in being a silent assassin- leaving no evidence, hiding the bodies, etc. Killing the witnesses wasn’t a serious issue back then so it didn’t matter, but ever since they added the Non-Target Penalty you probably would get less money. If by “cleaning up” you mean that you don’t hide bodies in crates or lockers, as long as the body isn’t found, it’s fine.


That doesnt sound too promising to me.
But thanks :slight_smile:


holy shit you complain about everything

are Continental Coins too childish for you as well? there’s nothing wrong with the ICA having their own money, in fact I like the idea


I dont like continental coins. Well they are a good secondary currency like in Payday 2, but not as a primary


what do you not like about them? I think a secret society of assassins using their own currency is super cool


But i prefer the actual currency as primary currency in games. Dollars for anything based in America, Credits for Star Wars, Knuts, Sicles and Galleons for Rowling’s Wizarding World. Oh, there is nothing wrong with them, i mean as a primary currency


It doesn’t make much sense. ICA pays 47 and other assassins with this money so they can spend it on stuff. But they can’t cause it’s only used by the ICA and nobody else.


it could make sense, IO would just have to do some worldbuilding :sunglasses:


I was against a money system just because I liked the unlock system so much. Then … I tried sniping without a Sieger 300. :unamused: