The Money System (that never came to be)


P90! i want return him!


I really like this invented currency. Much better than having none or as now points.
As always, they have great ideas but somehow they never make it in the game.

Instead of having votings on social media if we want to unlock a pen or a an explosive toy, they should start to male a vote for things like this: Do you want currency in Hitman 3 or lame points?


A choice between a system that lends itself to the possibility of real life fiscal implications or a system that encourages in-game replayability the core tenant of the franchise? Hmmm they make these decisions so hard


IOI are now independent… if creating the Black Market/Money system leads to Microtransactions and Real Money Purchases, then IOI will only have itself to answer for. There is no “Big Company” figure to “blame”.

That said, the first game had this system… so if any franchise/developer should be able to do this now and simply keep it “in the game” and not allow it to spill into your actual wallet… it’s IOI.


They could had easily pulled out a Blood Money mode.
Give us 4 or 7 weapons and unlock accessories by mastering levels. Then with the currency you buy them.
Instead of unlocking the same weapon with a different name and grip.

Same could work for explosives. You buy an upgrade for range, an upgrade to make it work as a breach, an upgrade to make it as a camo with certain walls or street bricks than it can’t be seen by NPC.


And you buy them all EACH time you have to go out. Sure. And the Sommelier is Kruger Schmidt! :slight_smile:

It’s also interesting that in the actual film, the Benelli M4 and the AR-15 Custom were at pick-up points and not on Wick at the start of the “mission”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm, Blue Shy thinking. I have seen too many good franchises by so many good developers succumb to publisher demands no matter how tight the leash. It might seem cynical of me but these are really desperate times for IO. Nothing is more dangerous than desperate people in hopeless situations.


It’s not desperate and hopeless unless they say so.

Sales for HITMAN 2 were, I’d say, pretty good opening week for an independent title supposedly breaking 15 million USD bank on Steam alone.

The economics are now also different. Previously it was harder for HITMAN to “make money” because it had to pay for other things in the Square Enix empire. For example, some of their earnings were probably sucked away by teams working on Final Fantasy.

There’s no such thing this time.

So…let’s not jump to conclusions just yet.

Also the rule behind mtx systems is “There must be a way to earn everything without paying real money”. That and the fact the game is actually playable (even SA/SO-able) with no gear and unlocks whatsoever.


Steam alone huh. Well I guess but I don’t see the need to return to the cash system. In every other game all that happened was 47 had more money sitting in Switzerland than used for his guns. But the money issue is neither here nor there (actually the money is probably in Zurich


I wish they can just bring money system back, and weapon customiztion too. You can get basically nothing by playing contract mode, you can’t customize your weapons like Absolution and Blood Money, all you get is xp, and xp points can only be used to level up, and leveling up is just pointless, because there’s no REWARD can be unlocked!!! At least give us some rewards for contract mode, even screwdriver and wrench would be fine


I would actually appreciate not being able to use the Sieger 300 anytime I want… That’s part of the allure of the assassin/technical killer genre in film, games, or TV… .you don’t see “ultimate handguns” all the time. Instead there’s “what can do the job”. Wick for example doesn’t just buy Sig P320 all the damn time.

And therefore, part of the appeal, especially in an mtx environment where the best guns are “just that bit more rare” for us to use means we will “need a tasting” to know which ones we’d use for different purposes.

I’d actually like it.


Yep that is the only pro I see over mastery. IO really need to make a silence rifle available before level 20 of the last level AGAIN.

Also if I see one more reference to John fucking Wick on this thread one more time I will freak out in a nightclub.


If we merge all our suggestions we’d have the ultimate system.

In another thread @Golgo_13 suggested that Suppressors should be separate items.
And in yet another thread it was suggested that asides from a base weapon, we should be able to swap out parts (including the suppressor) in a style similar to FOR HONOR.

Combine that with the black market system I suggested and basically you already play a little game even when planning your loadout.

The handgun choice alone would be quite involving.

Do you bring your El Matador? Or your Silverballer? What if among the only guns you owned permanently, only the Silverballer could accept a suppressor?

Then you go to Kruger Schmidt… multiple Suppressors. In an mtx environment perhaps the best Suppressor is like 5,000 Merces (or like 1 Premium Currency to use unlimited for one month) or something. But you have other suppressors available at 2,000 or 1,000 Merces. They have differences in sound control, hit range effects and accuracy…

You think about how much difference a change in hit range would make. The 1,000 Merces suppressor has the shortest accurate range, but you think “any gun is lethal at under 2 meters” you figure you can get to that distance or better.

As you browse Kruger Schmidt you see that there is a new Bartoli variant that IOI patched in recently, this one can be stripped down and you can put together a custom grip, and other parts and the result is something that would perform close to your Silverballer but at a higher firing rate, larger clip size, and include an integrated suppressor and special sights.

And that would be just your handgun choices… :slight_smile:

Your Merces account would be drained once you applied the same exercise to your other weapons… but you’d feel like a real assassin or at least a real “movie assassin”.


A system to surpass Metal Gear!?!

Seriously I am not fond of the idea of buying a silencer every time I want to go out and shoot the chain of a chandelier or light fixture and I saw one guy saying we should buy access to the mini-map! No.

I suggesting have some items tied to challenges and having people buy low level pleb tier weapons with money (real money not some fake currency that feels like a hold over from Absolution)


My oft repeated suggestion is that there are “Named Weapons” such as El Matador, Rude Ruby, Skurky’s Gun, Layla’s Gun, etc. that are either tied to Challenges, or require H2SA style “leave it with the map and it’s yours” guns.

These would then appear in a Rack Collection. You never have to buy these. You own them forever.

But my caveat was that none of them are suppressed and only your Silverballers would accept a suppressor.

The Silverballers actually did not get a suppressor until H2SA. So… I feel like in their purest form they wouldn’t have them. But they should be “suppressor ready”.

I think in my playing experience these would be the guns I bring for “special occasions” or if I’m pretty sure I won’t need a “specific gun for a specific purpose” but would like something in case missions get messy.

Also “Show us your customized Silverballer” would be a thing and the suppressors would vary. :wink:


That would be nice that is my suggestion as well, have guns like the Ruby or Matador be unlockable, have the real Silverballer be behind a 100 dollar microtransaction since IO need to make money off this and have other guns tied to money.

Uhh no that is not fun. We would need variety no necessitate the switch to some currency system.


No see… They can instead tie the 1911 Silverballer as a reward for say “SA/SO the Jasper Knight Mission”. But Suppressors cost money, and the best one for it can be “Premium Currency” for unlimited use for X months. Or “micro-drain” you 5,000 Merces every mission.

And a Kruger Schmidt season pass where you get Unlimited use of all Kruger Schmidt items for one year or something.

That way the Silverballer is a GATE to monetization and not directly monetized. :wink:

Disclaimer: Yes… I’m actually a devious Marketing Executive.


All Silverballers are fake, the only real one is the genuine M1911 Browning. If the Hardballer was so good then why did it last a tenth the manufacturing life of the original gun it cloned, why was it made by a company that went bankrupt due to poor quality?:joy:


Actually that’s one of the reasons I really hope IOI one day update the arsenal.

To be fair, it looks like the ICA 19’s are actually based on the more modern 1911 TRP line.

So I sort of would consider them supposedly a step-up. Again, this is one of the reasons that I think taking most of the guns away from permanent ownership can be a genius decision (and not just a greedy monetization decision).

It can add to the feeling that arsenals are progressing. You permanently own a bunch of Collector’s items and Vintage weapons, but the serious tactical stuff is always updated and always with Kruger Schmidt - who laboriously explains to you the merits of each weapon just like Ort-Meyer did in the first game.

Think of how great that would all feel. :slight_smile:


So, what I’m getting from reading this thread is that most people that want money back don’t actually know what they want and that the current system is probably better than anything Hitman had before.