The Money System (that never came to be)


Where do you get that? I know exactly what I want.

  1. I want to buy every weapon every bullet every part every time. Always new. Much like it was in the original game where planning your loadout and initial spend was a game in itself.

  2. I want special named weapons and certain gear to be permanently owned much like it was in the second and third game.

I have at least 10 votes up from other members on that concept. And while that is not unanimity in a forum of thousands, I think what is more widespread is some dissatisfaction with redundant “2” stickered duplicate weapons.


No offence, but it seems more like you like the idea but do not necessarily think through broader gameplay implications and resulting systems. Here’s the obvious question, if you can permanently own certain unique guns and assuming that those guns are equal to regular guns then why would you ever spend a dime on regular guns to begin with? It seems like one of your suggestions pretty much cancels out the other one.


I don’t see that being anything other than an annoyance tbh. Since i restart a lot, would cost me money every time and eventually drain my account to zero at which point i cant buy the ammo anymore and then i can’t restart again.


except they don’t. Almost none of the permanent Named Weapons have suppressor capability in my suggestion, except for the Silverballer, which if you cannot SA/SO the Jasper Knight mission you would never have.

When you do have it, the Silverballer becomes a “safe” choice, yes, but it won’t have a suppressor unless you buy it. As discussed earlier the Silverballer is, by now, technically a vintage weapon that has a set hard baseline of performance. Other handguns in the store can be modified and can allow the player to create particular variants they may feel they need for certain types of playthroughs, or simply to show off.

@Fortheseven I think the inconvenience would be minor considering that in the mock images each mission would have paid many hundred thousand Merces for a job well done. So it should normally be added immersion. Or a kind of long-tail penalty for people that constantly mess up.

But you’d bounce back quite quickly after one good hit. The system in C47 never seemed to penalize me too badly for messing up and failing.

It definitely makes expensive loadout playthroughs something of an event… When you bring fully customized handguns, explosive ammo for your anti-materiel rifle, body armor, grenades, etc… .It’s basically supposedly your plan (and your expense) to go to war.

That can be fun in its own way.


I restart hundreds of times, would still lead to me being unable to restart at a point with the weapons and ammo i want. Then being forced to just do a simple completion in between to gain enough money again to pay for all the restarts is just a major inconvenience.


Well think of the price ranges of real ammunition and handguns and other weapons.

Let’s say .45 ACP in-game costs 12 Merces for a box of 20 (real life ACP is sold for about 11.49 USD for a box of 20).
Your Silverballer is free because of course you unlocked it on your first launch of HITMAN 3.
You get a Top of the Line Suppressor for say 350 Merces (I initially suggested prices in the thousands but even then it would be pretty manageable. Real life suppressors are around 350 USD).

In the first place in your videos I’ve never seen you shoot a Silverballer more than 20 times per mission. Even if you restart 200 times. That’s just 2,400 Merces + 70,000 Merces Total.

The payouts for a good hit would have to be more substantial than say the paltry 135 Merces in the image, but even if the idea was just “Current Score is now Merces” then just doing basic success gets you 100,000 Merces to 200,000 Merces a pop.

The alternative is that Replanning refunds your costs (basically making regular missions feel a bit Elusive-like in that you can Replan as an escape hatch).

The Costs are committed if you Succeed or Fail (ie: Die).

I’d still consider that acceptable.


Wouldn’t that break your immersion? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s just a game. :wink:

HITMAN 2 Elusive Target #2: The Revolutionary (21 December 2018)

Exactly :wink:


All I’m saying is that it can be a neat gameplay feature… Like one of your named handguns, maybe El Matador, is the only one with wall penetration… You can never suppress it but it’s yours forever and it has a fancy golden skin.

And of course someone like yourself for sure has a clever way of using such a weapon. You can try it out as many times as you need to, but the one time you commit… you are golden (and showered with Merces).

But Kruger is always offering the Custom 5mm which is the only handgun you can smuggle past a frisk zone on your person and has an integral suppressor but you pay for it each committed mission.

So the loadout screen feels like… you are going through an important decision making phase and not a trivial one where everything is available all the time.


But you are working for the ICA. It’s kinda dumb that you would have to pay for weapons and upgrades etc, while the ICA should be giving you acces to all of those, especially since you are their best.



That was true before you betrayed them @Fortheseven… Providence was our ally. :stuck_out_tongue:


Same shit, just as powerful, and definitely powerful enough to provide 47 with anything he would need weaponwise for when he goes on a mission on their benefit.



Yes… kidding aside I did come up with some example “Assassin World BS” to justify Kruger Schmidt’s role in the world.


How does that justify the ica/providence not just providing you with everything you need for your mission


Well it would work in a world where the ICA operate less as a spy agency and more as a market facilitator.
Which I feel is the aftermath of what The Constant has termed “recent fiascos”. The ICA essentially took everyone’s money: Both from Friends and Enemies of Providence, was found out, and as a result “appear very unprofessional”. IAGO and other groups certainly feel naked as of late - one assassin basically upended the lot of them and everything they do (and everyone they kill) seems to be getting discovered.

The solution is that there could be one (or a few more) providers of tools meant to never give you away.
And they would have to be the best tools available, totally untraceable.

The ICA, or IAGO, would be reticent to see a receipt written out in their name. So instead they would tell you: “Go to Kruger and get what you need. You didn’t get it from us. Do a good job and you will be richer than what you had to spend.” Clean break. Total deniability.

This also justifies btw why Silent Assassin is valued above all and pays you the best. Because of “recent fiascos” the ICA do not want to be implicated at all if their assassins and handlers (or themselves) decide to conduct business that is not to-the-letter. You are paid premium to be a ghost.

Thanks to Kruger Schmidt there will be no more accusations of: “We found the shell of an ICA Taser device on the location… this is YOUR work, ICA.”

ICA can now say: “We don’t make these things anymore! It could be anyone!”

Even if you mess up, only you pay the penalty. Kruger’s untraceable work and special features means that even if you left a warzone behind using his master crafted munitions, ballistics and weapons analysis would be useless and would never lead back to you. If it doesn’t lead back to you, it never leads back to whoever you worked for.

Business unusual becomes business as-usual. But the only one who pays the penalty for excess noise is you. It is fair and businesslike.

However, as an equal market enabler? Kruger would offer weapons to you, your friends, and your enemies.

Why can't we do more with the Inventory during gameplay?

I don’t want to live in that world


But you know the cost. It’s what defines you. :stuck_out_tongue:


The ICA19 as almost all the other weapons are based on real Airsoft toys. ICA19 is modeled almost 100% identical after a Tokyo Marui Colt 1911

The WA2000 shown in the legacy trailer is left out clear as day that it’s an Ares WA2000 airsoft


This is why someone like @badeaguard should be cast as Kruger Schmidt… Maestro of deadly weapons. :wink: