The Money System (that never came to be)


Oh no, I just know airsoft and the Silverballer. That’s it. I have almost 0 knowledge about real weapons.


i think the money system should be simple and just a tool for gaining items and increasing your Hitman level.

simple guidelines for how to maximize how much $ you get (silent assassin for max $), each item having different different prices.
eventually, once you get to the point where you have unlocked every item, you are allowed to burn your $ on the new “Hitman level” (Malus Necessarium). i personally like the little badges we get, and i like seeing the different weapon silhouettes they put on these badges :slight_smile:



Don’t you just love the folks at IO. They are like that kid in class that knows the answer but is too shy to rise his hand.


i wonder if actual working models of this system exist somewhere at IO. we know it’s all concepted, but i wonder if they actually began to build the system in game.


@badeaguard was about to @ you lol. Should have guessed you would see it anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

The level of detail put in here clearly shows IOI attention to each and every part of a weapon. Too specific in fact to be concepts of multiple models. Customisation was a plan but canned for unknown reason.

This could provide evidence that the objects in game are made up of varied parts modelled independently (maybe a dataminer could find out?) And where a selection was meant to take place, IOI simply took each part and attach them as different weapons to unlock.

Further evidence is here in the rendered cutscenes, showing modelled individual pieces.

I’m going to say yes.

EDIT with the detail IOI went into they could have done this


the silenced pistols can be visible without the suppressor, although i imagine that’s just an Absolution leftover. however, things like the Jaeger have some parts that can be separated. but the assault rifles cannot be separated, afaik.

so the person’s “Stealth Sniper” concept is partially ingame already. same with 3/4 of the Classic Pistol concepts. the AR and shotgun are N/A.


Yeah eventually we will get all the attachments but not at our leisure. All these concepts could be diagrams for modular weapon design. Which is exactly what they are doing.

Money could have been implemented as thus the customisation. Its really a carrot dangling.


Exactly… to get all of this… we just need two words: Black Market. :slight_smile:


This is also my reply to the guys who don’t want a Black Market or think like “Silverballer all the time everytime”.

Sure… but how can you say no to playing around with all those configurations? :slight_smile:


Let me summarize, what you’re asking for is a system where you are allowed to permanently own a bunch of useless memorabilia guns but also have an option to buy actually useful guns, so that players can’t own everything at once, but also have price ranges low enough to remove any possible inconveniences and in the process trivialize the choice itself. And all of it should be implemented in a game where hardly anyone ever uses guns and players are actually penalized for shooting people.

And I’m still not really sure how it will fit into the gameplay loop. At least current system is entirely congruous with the gameplay. We have a game that is built for replayability, its progression system rewards replayability, and rewards themselves further improve replayability.


Cause it’s not just an idea that is needed but well thought out implementation as well. Will it be a system like BM or like C47? What are the prices? Can you lose money? Do you get money just for main missions? Does mastery unlock weapons for purchase or only unlocks smuggle points and starting locations? And there is many many more questions like that.

But I still want that system too.


That is probably half the idea. Some stuff that would be really exotic like Barrett Rifle + Explosive Ammo could set you back really big.

And in a “Score is Merces” system a failed ET or a Mass Murderer finish can net you a payout of Zero. That will set you back quite a bit.

The gameplay loop is very similar to a mix of Hitman Codename 47 and Hitman 2: SA.

As for “useless”, I don’t know if you’ve seen the number of people who can SA with the Jaeger 7 Lancer. Never underestimate what Hitman players can and will do with the “never suppressor” guns that seem useless.

And even if you’re not in that category, these Permanent Guns are a cost effective self defence choice if your current plan is “I won’t need a gun… I hope.”

It’s more about making the player feel something is at stake. I don’t think even C47 ever made players feel broke.


But not at the cost of becoming very annoying/tedious because you restart thousands of times. And since that would be pretty much unavoidable it’s not really worth it imo.

You either have more money than you can ever spend, making the entire ordeal pointless. Or you won’t have enough and you’ll run into not being able to restart with the weapons and ammo you want, making it a huge annoyance.


0:09 - 0:17


We solved this problem already. You can Replan to recoup expenses.

I also suspect that saying: “I lost 100,000 Merces on that failed ET plus the 200,000 I would have made…as well as not getting the suit…But at least I’m not broke” will add to the experience.

But that’s just me, and some people who agree with me. I’m guessing you guys were happy the money system disappeared after C47.


Scarcity is the whole point of monetary systems in games so it would need to be annoying. The more I think about it, the more I realize how good the current system actually is. Dare I say it, but 2016 Hitman was the first game in the series with a progression system that actually worked.

And all of this talk of weapon customization feels rather profanctory, considering that we are talking about a game where soda cans, screwdrivers and coins are way more useful than most guns.


That does not really solve anything, because that would directly undermine:

It becomes completely pointless

I dont see how that would add anything for me.


True, but HITMAN is all about freedom of approach. Personally I’m a hybrid player. Some days I don’t use any guns. Some days I stash a shotgun with half the intent to use it.

@fortheseven I think with suggestions you can’t win em all.

But the current system where IOI feel obligated to fill up 20 Mastery Level unlockables per map is not sustainable and is the primary reason we have MkII sticker duplicate gear.

If we go all the way to 10 Hitman sequels it will be insufferable unless the unlockables will now include the Car Battery and other things.

It is almost the fate of any money based game system that eventually most players would have a pretty large cash balance. I think you’d have to be a very bad or wasteful Gran Turismo player to be perpetually broke.

That isn’t the point of this. It’s play money for toy guns, toy knives, and toy bombs.


There’s a few things I think people forget about the money system in C47, the foremost being that it was essentially your own customizable difficulty level. The way you maximized your “score” for the level was you finished it with the least starting equipment.

That went out the window with Silent Assassin where we got a weapon locker and score system - and became less and less relevant as 47 had more ways to kill people.

In Blood Money it was basically the unlock system for a linear progression of “better” versions of the same weapons - meaning the other weapons went unused… and the way to get these weapons unlocked fastest was not to use them. Kill everyone with accidents and you get the weapons you won’t use.

I feel it’s less IO are too shy and that various people on this forum remain convinced that they are infallible geniuses of game design because they want x thing.

Customized weapons via a money system would be a huge amount of IO’s budget, to the extent they’d need to cut back on the level sizes, etc so you can have a mini-game of playing with attachments… for the gun that you fire once or twice a mission.