The Money System (that never came to be)


If this is including melee weapons I am against it for contract reasons.


Well that is for IOI to decide. It’s their game after all. And I stand by the belief that HITMAN 2 is better than HITMAN.

Also I still only have the MkII lockpick… So if there was a way to get the original ones I haven’t come around to it so thank IOI for that redundant unlockable. :wink:


The plan is to have 3 seasons. I don’t see how that is not sustainable.

But it is kinda the point though.

Your reason for wanting this is that it would make the player feel something is at stake.

If you have more than enough money, what exactly is at stake? Exactly nothing, so it becomes pointless.

If you don’t have enough money and have to be careful with your choices, it completely destroys replayability and adds frustration.

In which regard exactly?


My little suggestions:

  1. Keep level mastery system.
    a) Unlock ica variants (weapons/tools) via mastery (Like the ones we already have).
    b) Ica weapons/tools are non-custom (Can’t be customized).
    So i’m saying that they keep the mastery system as it is.

  2. Replace xp with currency system
    a) Player match-making and player’s level based on the currency system.
    Level 000
    Earned so far $$$
    Spent $$$
    This will indicate how much time was invested by the player (Just like xp system).
    b) Set of custom tools and weapons (apart from ica/mastery variants), that can be bought through a shop (like the concept art) and customized using currency system. Buying components like suppressors, skins, dot sight/scope, ammo and types of ammo. (A bit of immersive aspect which shows that the player has some form of control over the money that 47 earned through hits/contracts, and currency system being more useful then xp system… since you can’t buy anything with xp)

  3. Some restrictions/complications:
    a) Unlike ica variants (which are already loaded with ammo), we have to buy ammo on custom weapons.
    b) Buying explosives/grenades/syringes (customs) once they are used in a level/location.
    c) Buying anything (customs) which is left/dropped in a level/location.

Oh and the amount of money earned should be based on our playstyle and score.


i wouldnt have a problem with Codename 47s System in a new Hitman Game.

Create a Profile, play the first mission, get paid, spend funds on equipment, play the mission, get paid and so on. The only Problem is that you get too much Money in Codename 47, i would prefer it when you NOT can afford everything, so you have to manage your money.

i couldnt care less about Weaponcostumization, i only bought Silencers for the Ballers and Scopes for the WA2000, nothing else. i would like to have more weapon variety though.

I think the current System is allright.


The problem with the money system is that it doesn’t reward players for experimenting. You get the most cash for SA, so you find the fastest way to kill your targets without losing SA and then start farming. Pick a level where the targets are close to each other and then kill them again and again in the same way until you have enough cash to buy everything you want. Doesn’t sound like fun to me.


What can I imagine is that the money you can get is limited at every contract. If you do it perfect SA, you get 100% of that money, if you do it not so good only 75%. If you repeat the not-so-good execution, you get 75% of the remaining 25%.

I would give it additional rules:

  • Get only money if you fulfill all objectives
  • Get 50% or more of the money only if you did it SA
  • Get more for better performance (fast SA, depending on technical aspects like # of targets?)


I’m dumbfounded that there is still no currency system which exists in Hitman, surely IOI can come up with some way for players to have incentive to complete all types of opportunities and earn a reasonable amount of money to purchase upgrades without breaking the system


That is easy to say. Maybe with more specific suggestions it can work out.


Yes it is, and that is what this community is for. At the end of the day I think the majority wants it implemented, its just something hard for myself and maybe some others to truely pinpoint how it should be done with also giving the game the right balance of exploration and progression. There is a level progression system already, maybe we could tie the cash we earn into each individual opportunity and it builds overtime so we must complete most of them to buy everything with SA obviously paying the best but its a one time payout to avoid farming it. or maybe just take the absolution route and exclusively earn money in contracts mode bring in an option to purchase disguises from each level and 47 suits along with briefcase skins and weapon attachments/upgrades(make weapons unlockable for ETs instead) just some suggestions .


I can;t lol it is the amazing thing about customisation :slight_smile:


You are talking about two different points in time. There is a large amount of time (and Merces) between those where it would feel just right.

Besides if you can’t get both a Sieger 300 Advanced and a full Custom Bartoli then you could settle for a standard Sieger 300 and a low cost suppressor on your freely unlocked Silverballer.

There’s scale to this. And instead of complaining about so many same type guns you appreciate the price scale between them and adapt.

For a purist who likes pretending he’s a paid assassin, I’m surprised you feel reticent about the game simulating in simplified form a paid assassin. :stuck_out_tongue:


So can we all agree that no one here agrees on one system and that this system while flawed is the best system IO have made. Let’s pressure them to make changes with unlock order. Just a basic reshuffling will make the mastery system more palatable.


I think the easiest way to do this, would be to lower the requirements for snipers. Because snipers are literally the only area I can think of where the “grind” argument is valid.

Then IO could make less essential unlocks as higher tiers for mastery, like for example skins. GOOD skins. Not the stuff in 2. xD


Yes that silence rifle is in dire need of lowering. Every other esential item is perfect. Lockpick from tutorial, briefcase after first Miami run, silence pistol from the start. poisons and emetics can be found in level


Actually correction on my part. If Hitman 3 has a system where there are larger briefcases for Sniper rifles, than I think the larger briefcases should take a while to unlock. Maybe even after the silenced sniper rifle (maybe not though). Because I think as it is now it’s a bit too easy to just walk around with a sniper. And I remember how fun it was having to worry about people spotting me with a sniper in the beginning of Hitman 2016 in Hokkaido. That’s just my preference, though.


No, it will always be either of those 2 scenarios.

?? I don’t like to pretend to be a paid assassin.


Larger brief cases were scrapped most likely since they would function less than the smaller briefcases. You can throw, guard-carried carry and store with a small briefcase. A large briefcase you can only store. It can’t be thrown and guards would have to be suspicious of it since large cases are usually connected to guns


I know they were scrapped. I’m just saying if they’re implemented in Hitman 3, I’d love for them to take a while to unlock. Make the sniper more challenging again haha. Also, I’d love even more for there to be that trade off. “Do I take my smaller briefcase for ranged attack but with no sniper security, or do I take my larger one?”. Would be cool. I think trade-offs make Hitman even more interesting. :smiley:


Didn’t 47 always get paid in gold? 300,000 USD worth of gold in a Swiss account is what I seem to remember.