The Money System (that never came to be)


47: I love gooooooooooooooooold.

That is perfect HITMAN 3 can have a commodities market and 47 can do online day trading after missions. It will be like GTA V


You guys REALLY WANT Io to provide micro-transactions, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t that is why I prefer the mastery system. There us no way IO will add MTs but I can never be sure some investor, developer or producer might float the idea by.


I know, I’m just kidding.

It’s just funny hearing so much about wanting a money system, if this was any other game we were talking about alarms would be going up. :eyes: :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:


There are hundreds of things I would like to see return before a money system. Things that actually worked or were balanced. Plate carrying is my first pick for a return.


47 has to be broke by now! It’s been 3 games and more years since he’s had any money wired to his account.


No he had money wired to him after killing Dino and kill Nabazov and stopping the PZ plague


Don’t forget all those Elusives he kills… Diana always mentions the money’s being transferred after he eliminates them.


I don’t think money was mentioned with Faba was it? I mean he was killed by ICA mandate for embarrassing them. Or did I miss that dialogue?


Games have had money systems decades before microtransactions were even an idea. One doesn’t imply the other.

But anyway, there’s two ways to do the money system: one where you buy things once and for all and your net worth only goes up (missions completed “in the red” are worth zero) and one where every item brought actually costs something.

I can’t say I’m really interested in either. There doesn’t seem to be enough items to make it worthwhile and none of the fancy items are all that necessary.

I can sort of see it with a weapon customization system like Metal Gear Solid V. This is one aspect of that game I’d like them to copy.


Pretty sure she says something like “Hopefully this is the last time we have to deal with Mr. Faba. The money is being transferred now 47, time to find an exit” after he gets eliminated.

So, it’s just another regular contract to 47.


i wish Diana would say that in every mission. feels so good to hear


It’d be funny if 47 lived in a dank safehouse but had some ridiculously expensive hobby involving collecting knick-knacks that would be a huge money sink. Something like Fabergé eggs.

I think it would fit the character somehow too.


Actually all the Fabrege Eggs in the world are already in private collections or in private and public museums. Maybe 47 has a nice wine cellar and a deep walk in closet


Part of the problem with the money system is people tend to look at it as “I want a money system” and then try to work out ways to justify it, rather than consider if there’s actually a need for it.

Largely it falls down to all the problems related to it are, for all intents and purposes solved.

Vast amounts of equipment and unlockables are available by setting up unlocks linked to specific achievements, which is ultimately more satisfying for players because it links the item to a specific accomplishment rather than to grinding or just an arbitrary shopping spree when you realize there is enough cash.

Likewise, the scoreboards and your friends scoreboards work better from tracking accomplishments in Contracts mode - simply because otherwise you can get your money just by doing a bunch of contracts poorly rather than the few specific ones well.

Limiting your equipment by slots works better than the “whatever you can afford” approach from Codename 47 since it means you do have to consider each slot more carefully the more you play (and the more your options expand), where in Codename 47 your choices become more casual since you are used to working with minimal equipment, and now you can afford everything.

Plus, it opens the door to all the weird arguments people have about whether it should be cheaper to acquire a customized explosive duck in one country or the other, etc. (Kind of like how people will argue for weeks about the ballistics of completely fictional guns)

At this point - it seems pretty well established that 47’s money goes into his work, his aesthetic and whatever charity/cause that he feels like making a wildly excessive donation to… that’s good, because it also leaves us open to missions where there is no expectation of payment.


The truth about well-designed mtx games is that they do have a money-less avenue for people who refuse to spend. I’ve gotten my kicks in FOR HONOR, DIRTY BOMB, and SWTOR… all without ever spending money.

They can’t make you spend money if you don’t want to.

If you want to play, you’ll find a way.

That said, would prefer no mtx thanks.


I don’t care if microtransactions is implemented ‘well’, I want to play a fucking video game that doesn’t ask me to spend more money for tiny changes or content when I already spent full price.
I don’t care that I don’t have to spend money if I don’t want to, other people are gonna buy it anyway which can cause this shit to become normalised which I don’t want.


That’s also kinda the reason I hope we go into HITMAN sequels forever…Like HITMAN 10, 11, 12…

Because that’s sort of the only way we’re going to keep the mtx boogeyman away.


So you mean like items tied to a specific game-wide achievement (eg: “Electrocute 100 Targets”) rather than specifically do a Mission Story/Challenge in a certain Mission or Mission Mastery?

So there will be fewer items overall (no more useless Mk II’s) but you end up having to hunt for the gear and can only earn them over time… because there’s no way you can electrocute 100 Targets in your first day (unless the save scum thing isn’t fixed). :stuck_out_tongue:


Literally anything:

  • Electrocute 100 targets
  • Kill x target in this manner
  • Complete x escalation
  • Start/complete x elusive target

Because this creates a unique story behind each of the items - we think of them as “I got this by” and they serve as mementos, trophies, conversation pieces, etc.

When “I bought it using in game currency” is the way you acquire the equipment, there’s no definite story and no shared story behind them - so obtaining them is easily forgotten and there’s never going to be any conversation about the best way to obtain it etc.

It doesn’t impact the number of items (which is largely controlled by other aspects, like game balance, designs, etc) but it does mean the items at least have a chance of being memorable or a topic of conversation - that players have a story about why they prefer a version of them, etc.