The Money System (that never came to be)


I don’t thinl it’s a great idea because forcing players doing the same kill method x times is the opposite of creative gameplay. Why would I experiment if I need to unlock all stuff first? And by the time I do that I am already tired of grinding the same things on different targets.


So… more like… Call of Duty… :thinking:

I think there are some HITMAN 2 achievements that are “game-wide”… .such as the “Classics 1”, “Classics 2”.

If the game resorted to achievements similar to COD like “100 headshots”, “200 Headshots”…“50 Headshots with Jaeger 7” for example…

And it was both weapons and parts… such that you could be motivated to use weapons you don’t care about so much in the hope that you can “linearly improve the weapon to something you’d want”.

Might be possible.

And they can always add to that array later… in patches… brackets for “1,000 Electrocutions”, etc.

So they can add the Mini-Gun one day and you earn it for getting “Upwards of 20 NTK’s per Mission and successfully Exit 50 times”. :smiley:

I’m fixated right now on Electrocutions… I’m doing the Mumbai Triple Electrocution thing… and Maelstrom’s routine is driving me nuts! Though it was cool electrocuting Vanya Shah in her meditative bath! :wink:


The way this has worked in COD is that you don’t notice it.

You just unlock something based on how you played it (or as @Jarbinger said… based on the “story” of the item or playstyle).

It’s like “Oh… you really like electrocuting people? Well here’s the Taser… do it 50 more times and you get a Remote Taser.”

The basic things though should drop at much earlier than 100 iterations. But basically the suggestion is just an evolution of “The Classics” multi-mission spanning achievements.

A word of warning though… this is exactly something that is mtx-able… “Pay for Season Pass and get everything without grinding!” :stuck_out_tongue:


But CoD is not Hitman. In CoD you can kill a hundred people in a match and in Hitman it’s like five at best.

And unlocks are different in such a game. In CoD you can live without them just fine. Hitman, however, is focused on such stuff. How could I complete “Poison all targets” in Colorado without a lethal pill jar and a syringe? Or how could I properly play without a lockpick?


Two things:

  1. The game is actually playable with nearly no unlockables.
  2. I did say that a lot of basic gear should be given at the lowest iterative levels.

Agreed that the lockpicks, a basic pistol, combat knife, fibre wire… these should actually be given as part of the Prologue or with achievements that are very low in number: like “Unlock 1 door in any level using a Key, Crowbar, or Lockpick” would earn you the Lockpick.

There should be an early jump where it’s like “yeah the game is giving me stuff!” and the really weird stuff is what can be hidden away in obscure challenges (eg: Secret Tunnel in Santa Fortuna for the Dagger).

They did this very well for Hawke’s Bay and Miami such as how you earn briefcase early on in Miami… but it’s clear later on IOI just got ground out having to fill out 20 Mastery Levels.

Tying almost exactly X number of weapons/gear to Mastery 1 to 20… that is the culprit behind these useless MkII’s… .That and we really need a quick agreement to liberate weapon assets from Absolution if they are Square Enix owned.


there is one Poison on the table in the Hut where Burgess hangs out and a syringe in the Basement of the Mainhouse.


There are four targets if you haven’t noticed.


Berg also carries a pot of pills.


I don’t want the game to be just playable. I want it to be fun and not grindy. Just tell me what would the point of trying different kill methods out would be if you have to do something x times?


I sympathize with this position. I too do not like having to work out “who has pills”, and “which table has pills”. I like the idea of planning a loadout around “All Poisons” or doing one around “All Electrocution”…

it’s not impossible… but makes 47 feel like a beggar. lol


Largely it would depend on the nature of the item.

For example: If you do one hundred drown kills, and it unlocks a scary plumber outfit - that makes sense as an acknowledgement that you are apparently into drowning people.

If it was the same challenge, but it unlocked a sniper rifle - that would be rather counter-intuitive.

However, I don’t think those kinds of challenges are as interesting to make to IO-Interactive, since they aren’t very engaging to make up and test - they’re more likely to want to set up one one of the more creative ones.

CoD likes the grindy ones because trying to get them keeps people playing in the multi-player, even if they’re having a bad streak, and hence keeps the servers populated and new players can drop just straight into the action. Hitman doesn’t have that sort of setup.


i have noticed it, have you noticed that you can complete the Challenge with only 1 Poison Item to bring with you? :smirk:


Yeah but at the same time it can’t be like “I killed Jasper Knight and now I got all this gear and 3 sniper rifles.”


yes… but that’s not fun if you’re into “mission impossible” style killings… where the idea is you’re “always ready” to execute and you are working more towards the trap than finding stuff and doing a circuit to find the stuff. :wink:


It is cherry picking to bring up the one mission where there are more targets than inventory slots just to argue against “poison x targets to unlock y“.

Also there are plenty mission stories which completes this challenge to not make you grind for it.


But that’s the beauty of @Jarbinger 's suggestion is that the idea is to “sprinkle” the achievement everywhere. Like the game keeps track of what you have been doing across all missions.

So it’s not like you MUST get all of those guys in Colorado with poison. You could. But if that wasn’t your speed you could always get two today… another two another day… work towards something else.

I do think that once you get to really exotic stuff like maybe Chloroform Gas (very overpowered because it’s KO without blowback) or say a Boomerang that can KO multiple NPC’s at once… those can be tucked away in really hard to achieve challenges or high grinds.


Awarding bonus disguises is a different thing. And if it was that way I’d be happy. But main unlocks shouldn’t be locked behind a large number of repetitive actions.


Yes, but how does it contradict my point? You still need an unlock to complete it. And you replied not knowing about a third poison so don’t try to be a smartass.


I think it’s the opposite. Someone suggests a system that will affect all of the missions in the game. If at least one mission contradicts then this system is flawed. It’s like proving a theorem in math.

And even if I’m wrong with that there still is contracts mode where you’d be able to find ten times more examples.

Also, i think it would be dumb cause if you need a syringe to complete a poisoning challenge you’d have to compelte something like “poison 100 targets” to unlock it. You’d have to poison 100 people to poison 1 person more.


You said you need both Unlocks, but you need only one

Sorry i forgot about that one Detail. No need to Act like a little Princess.