The Money System (that never came to be)


I know it might be too unrealistic but having the money system like one of those weapon magazines in hitman I think would be really unique:



My point was you need unlocks at all. The amount of them doesn’t matter. I just gave examples one of which was wrong.


Again, please none of that bullshit where you get good money only if you get Silent Assassin. Not everyone likes doing Silent Assassins, including me. I usually prefer to “Just do it” instead of any proper planning. I just check if i need a fiber wire, lethal poison or something like that for a challenge, and then just do it. I sometimes do silent assassins however, if im doing a contract, an escalation or sometimes just cuz why not. But SA for extra cash is not good


Well if they decide to implement a money system (and im not so sure that they should), then obviously SA should give you the most money. I don’t see how anyone could argue against this


But thats a big part of the fun go go bye bye


What? That does not even make any sense.


Well, you see, some people just do not find Silent Assassin fun. And if only SAs give you respectable cash, people will be forced to do SA


SA is the highest rating you can achieve, makes only sense then that SA would give you the largest amount of money. Again, i can’t see how anyone could argue against this.


Sure, SA can give you extra money, but if its the amounts that are suggested around, lets say +50%… Yeah its kinda bullshit. Maybe 10% or 15% extra


While this is true, it’s also a bit self-defeating in the same way Blood Money was, because more often than not the most silent approaches are also the cheapest ones. So the people getting the most money would need and enjoy it the least.
I largely ignored the weapon upgrades in Bloodmoney simply because I didn’t use weapons. Just coins, the fibre wire and whatever I could find on site.


But it isn’t the case in the new games cause you have a bunch of useful gadgets. In BM there weren’t any


Disagreed, i would say only 10% or 15% would be incredibly bullshit. There should be a big payout difference in getting SA, and not getting it if we would need to have a money system. Else it just goes against everything 47 stands for.;

And that is part of the reason why i believe that the current system is much better.

Exactly, thats another reason why i feel the current system is just better.


fair enough, current system is the better one if you want fairness


This can be said the same for Mastery unlocks no? Once I’m at Level 20 and done all item related challenges, what is there for me to unlock? With constant updates from supported developers, this can be
overcome. See GTAO for example. Money with constant items.

Why “have to”? I wouldn’t suspect you’d get only paid upon the first time you complete the mission. You’d get money for every completion. Giving the player the choice to go play anything or to grind something they are familiar with/ capable of doing. Enforces replayability. Something challenges doesn’t currently give. Appeals to everyone IMO. No reason not to still keep challenges though.

A crazy idea but what if there was many currencies and you’d get money in that currency for that location.

That is because only 5 weapons was customisable. Apply it to all weapons and you have a sandbox of weapons interchangable for both mechanical and aesthetic purposes. And that really applies to every Hitman - the “proper” way is to kill your targets in accidents and stuff where weapons aren’t frequently a viable option. You can easily play Hitman without weapons in the game. So why are they there? To allow player option and freedom to do so to approach as they see fit.

There’s always a meta for weapons in every game.


oH N0. No GTAO.

Its a grind hell!


The system is what I’m using. The proof of concept of adding new tools in a money system. Doesn’t have to be grindy

  • be me
  • decide to look into GTAO after some years of casual singleplayer playing
  • (not because really want but because new content is online only)
  • get rekt by tanks
  • low tech car barely affordable after doing checkpoint missions for a day (because bad at heists)
  • really like the lowtech car Blista Compact
  • roam ingame shop for days, finally find one ingame of a NPC to steal
  • cannot steal
  • find out you cannot get it online because no GTA IV save on PC (but xb360)
  • sadman.jpg
  • doing more missions for more days to get the auto pistol to survive battles
  • price for it doubles while doing so
  • oh shit
  • don’t survive anyway against shenanigans or cheater who knows
  • buy first building
  • slowly fill it with cars
  • be inactive for years, find out you can get the Blista Compact with help of a community guy
  • does that, log in
  • all lost because I don’t know
  • Everything got two times the price
  • get not rekt by tanks but by Scifi vehicles straight outa Saints Row

Worst experience ever


That’s GTA O in a nutshell for ya :joy:

Got to hold your own out there lol


After 2,5 Hitman games without money, (Absolution’s contracts had money), I think its about time to give a “blood money sequel” a chance. Its not like this unlock formula did wonders for the franchise, or did it? Why not give money a chance in the next one.


I would argue that it did. I’ve seen couple of people who finally “got” Hitman back in 2016 specifically because of the way progression works. It is designed to incentivize and reward replaiability and creativity. And by rationing unlocks it made sure to keep things fresh. By the time players get accustomed to map and get bunch of challenges, there will be a few new tools that keep things fresh. Thus making completion of remaining challenges a lot more fun.