The Money System (that never came to be)


I already said I understand the possible reason behind the scenes.

General public casual players aren’t going to think about this. And consumers shouldn’t need to. Fallout 76 is missing human NPCs, should gamers worry about the development issues. Same goes for the canvas bag. It’s fair to say that it’s not average joes problem if there’s any issues behind the scenes be it money, jobs, creative directors change, publishing issues etc.

I’m not saying I don’t care. I’m saying it’s not our fault or problem if anything is wrong. But that shouldn’t mean we can’t ask for features in a response of “money issues” or “entitlement”. Asking for open world maps because GTA does it is on the lines of entitlement and out of its boundaries. Asking for a feature that has been in the game on and off doesn’t seem too unrealistic.


How did the system work in Absolution’s Contracts mode? It’s been a long time. Wasn’t there both leaderboards and a currency system?


There was leaderboards and there was a currency system, along with a “customization” system for weapons that was basically just upgrades.

Largely that meant if you wanted to climb the leaderboards the best way to do it was rush through a bunch of random Contracts, spend your money on better gear and then go back and do the ones that your friends had done but with better gear than they had.

It was an okay idea for getting people to try more contracts, but ultimately it meant the process of trying random contracts was motivated not by a desire to see what people were doing but by a desire to get some upgrades.

General public casual players also don’t participate in these topics on this forum - otherwise I would need to monetize this forum to pay server costs and pay full time staff to manage aspects of it.


I don’t hate the mastery/unlock system. I unlocked everything, and it only slightly felt like I was grinding.

I prefer the money system though. I want to get paid for a “hit” for immersion’s sake; As 47 I’m not altruistic or on a vendetta. What I really want is weapon customization, and the money system is just a part of that.

I want my Sieger300 Advanced to have a 4x scope, and vis a versa I want my Sieger Ghost to carry 42 rounds, etc… Why does the in-game Druzhina sniper have a silencer, but not my unlock Druzhina? Because they probably will make it ET unlock, then you’ll have 2 Druzhinas. Why can’t I just pay with pretend game money to buy and add on a silencer to the one I have?!!
Personally, I paid a lot for the Collector’s Edition, and while I love the Midnight Suit and the Executive briefcase, I have a very big problem with my Black Lilly NOT being on par with the ICA19 Silverballer. I still always take it but it bugs me that I cannot upgrade it.

Also, while we’re on the money discussion, we should be able to buy more item-carry slots. The maps are bigger, and some levels have more targets/objectives so I want space to carry what I feel I need rather than having to memorize the map and go collect stuff like a screwdriver or wrench. I never feel like carrying any of those cool gadget unlocks because I’m a slave to the lock pick.


Because it’s a game about killing. Guns were made to kill. Using them feels cool.


It is really not, though. This series has been actively penalizing killing since Silent Assassin.


You still get Silent Assassin for using guns on a target. Unless the body is found.

But actually the game encourage players chiose.


It is really a conflicting design philosophies. You have a game that is only ok with you shooting couple of npcs out of hundreds. And anything that isn’t suppressed or concealable is borderline useless. And you have a great deal of tools outside of guns that for the most part are much more useful. And you think THIS game needs weapon customization?

I get it, it’s shiny, it looks cool. But it is antithetical to the current design principals. And given that IO is working with a limited number of resources, I would prefer if they spend those elsewhere.

Just as example – inclusion of starting locations was a stroke of genius. Because that is a system that synergizes really well with the core gameplay loop and creates new ways of play. By contrast, a weapon customization menu Is going to be a pretty new feature that will be mostly ignored.


Cause it’s not just guns you can upgrade. Make a lockpick faster or extend the explosion radius of a duck or be able to get 2 breaching charges instead of just 1 and so on.


Yes, as a lot of folks around here. I prefer to have only 5 weapons in the inventory or 8 where I can modify lot’s of things instead of having the same pistol 5 times, the same sniper 3 and 4 times.


Making base lock picks take longer would be a good incentive for upgrades. Lockpicks aren’t that dangerous rn imo


The game already gave you a regular shotgun and its silenced counterpart. Do you use them often? Would you use them more often if you could bolt bunch of attachments to them?


Remember there are escalations and contracts with specific kill methods?


So, what you are saying is that silenced shotgun is very useful in specific circumstances where you are specifically tasked with using silenced shotgun?


Where you are tasked with using any shotgun


Guys, forget weapon customization, how about suit customization?

You could choose fabric, color, lining, shirt, tie color (or no tie), gloves (or not), tie clip, etc.

You could play it black on black, or go full Don Cherry:


Do want. Always wanted to create an Urben tux with some green headwear.


Oh my. Don Cherry’s suits are amazing.

That kind of suit customisation would be lit


suit customination > weapon customination


I do miss Absolution’s thing of collecting disguises that you can use for later in contracts