The Money System (that never came to be)


It’s most likely just leftovers from when they were experimenting with the money idea. I doubt they’ll introduce this into the game now.


But it says those things appeared recently


Vehicles? For what purpose? That’s a definite N-O on the vehicles idea from me.


I’m pretty sure those have been there since Hitman 2 first launched. I remember seeing them ages ago.


Vehicles to escape i meant (boat, car, air)


These changes appeared recently because they break compatibility with a game-related fan-made tool. And why IOI push these changes in production now instead using staging environnent like ?


Oh, well that is interesting then. What fan-made tool did it break?


I don’t want to have to pay for my escape vehicles. 47’s always acquired them on-site and it’s not like it’s GTA where you can free roam and drive them.


Why does IO put half the stuff into the game or on the publicly accessible servers they don’t need to? I don’t think they really care - because they’ve been told point blank enough times for long enough where info leaks out of and they don’t seem to adjust any of their movements.

I recall seeing something somewhere awhile ago that suggested they were even pointlessly shoving HITMAN 2 information into H2016 towards the end of it’s life. Apparently there’s ET information for negroni, an upcoming ET in a legacy location, sitting inside H2016 that was added during 2018.


yeah. i feel kinda bad for Travis, because i know he feels strongly about leaks, yet the rest of the team doesn’t seem to know or care how to manage these things


i am glad they didn’t add this. i can see all sorts of ways they could have turned the game sour by locking everything behind a paywall.

even if they still allowed you to earn items but have that system roo, it could allow for players to buy items and weapons and suits that would have to had been earned instead of bought earlier.

a case could be made for suits and weapons like the chrome and the requiem, but you can’t really earn those i don’t think, you only get them with the GOTY edition

(and adding microtransactions now would definitely piss a lot of people off)


they could just have a money system without microtransactions…


You can have the default exits on levels OR buy a special extraction with money.

You don’t have to buy it, but that’s an extra special exit if you want/need to :+1:


@Jarbinger @GTAJJ - where do you find the time? #mousescrollwheelbroken


For the love of everything good in the world, I don’t wanna see microtransactions anywhere near Hitman! Thankyougoodnightmuchlove


It’s tough to say if adding a currency system to H2 would be good or bad. It really depends on how it’s implemented.

If it has anything to do with micro transactions it would most likely turn off a lot of people.

If it’s just an in-game currency (without micro transactions) for unlocking weapons it could be good.