The most lethal poison known to man

Found this poking around. Anyone else find this?

No but I assume it is a part of the mortician’s gear? Botox skin treatments are a dilution of botulinum toxin since in its natural for botulinum is a paralytic toxin.

And they said videogames weren’t educational.

If I recall you can find this in Hokkaido by the bodyguard push up contest


You can also find it in the safe that’s inside Jason Portman’s bathroom. Need a lockpick or crowbar to open it.

Yep knew it was in S1 didn’t know if anyone found it yet in S2 and if it served any other purpose than just lethal poison. At first when it said muscle relaxer I thought may you could find a way to give it to the MC and calm his ass down so he’d perform the effigy ritual.

Anyway it’s on this guy if anyone wants it looks like He’s reading a chemistry book.