The most scary (true) Experience of your Life


Hi Guys so I have decided to make a new thread today not really about HITMAN nor about any videogames but actually your terrifyng experiences in your lifetimes.

These things include scary stories, possibly getting (almost) kiddnaped and so on and so forth as long as it is true, yours and creepy.

Mine was a bit strange and comedic and it all turned rather well in the end.

So (This story was in 2k19 when I was 13 but now I am 21 so its all good) I was walking from school to home with my friend…J (obisously not his real name). We had quite a long path something around 30-40 minutes and we always stopped at a little town’s supermarket near the centre (It was a super quiet town in Slovenia more known as Škofljica - it has around 1.900 people only) and then there werent alot of cars most of them just tryng to do pass a shortcut through the country’s capital which was super close and Škofljica was a mainly a shortcut to Ljubljana instead of going to Šmarje or Kočevje or the main road. (Not that any of this information matters lol)

So then some sketchi two guys came two us in a red car J saw the driver but I could not see him since I was super-short, so I only saw the passenger.
The passenger was UNFAMILIAR to me and I didnt know who it was but then he (The Passenger) showed a finger motion to come a bit closer to the car.
(It felt like I was on a period the whole time lol)

J nudged me and we RAN to the church on top of the hill where cars were not allowed to truly go.
We talked our way through the graveyard.

Then afterwards when we came home my parents called the police and I described the passenger of the car aswell as I can remember and J described the car itself.
Afterwards we clued the clues together and were shocked…- It was not a kiddnaper IT WAS MY GRANDUNCLE TRYNG TO HITCH US A NICE RIDE TO BE A NICE PERSON! But the thing is that he was driving and the passenger was idk who…

In school me and J laughed at the story.

There were no kidnappers or scary encounters since…except that I have read news of my school lately and there is a red van catching kids lol.

I’m very excited to see your stories guys thank you for reading!


This happened Last October. So in Midnight Me and My BFF were like What we should do. Then I Said “Hey lets climb to the school rooftop” So we left my place And went to school. So when we arrived we saw some useful ladders And used them to climb. At the rooftop we noticed car stopped near parking lot. We were like Oh Fuck And came back down. Then we heard someone shouting “Hello is someone here!”. I was like Oh Fuck And runned to nearby Bush to hide. My friend was still at the ladders. Then suddenly the car left. Obviously we rushed to Our bikes and left the area. Thank god we did not got caught


I suffer from Sleep Paralysis every now and then.

Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep. During these transitions, you may be unable to move or speak for a few seconds up to a few minutes. Some people may also feel pressure or a sense of choking.

I once “woke” up when a python fell down from the ceiling and landed on top of my chest. I was scared shit less, because it felt so real and it could “feel” it’s weight on top off me and I was unable to move.

I also once had an “attack” where I woke up to a lanky and inhuman shaped at the end of my bed. Luckily I havn’t experienced any night terrors of that kind in the last 3 years.

What makes it scary, is that it feels real and you do wake up, but don’t experience the gab between sleeping and waking up. Also that you can’t move and feel pressure on your body doesn’t help either.


Oh god that seems creepy like shi*, glad to hear that you do not have them anymore.
I also suffered from sleep paralysis but it was not that scary nor drastic lol.


Almost all the horrible things that happen to me has something comedic in it.
Can’t think of them all right now, horrible things happen for sure but I tend to remember better the comedic ones and try to forget for the most part the worse ones.

But some of my ex has pretty nice backstories to tell.
One in particular that I remember is from the first girl I had sex. It was on September 30 if I recall it correctly.
I was 17 and she was 15 Italian girl, we met at school and this girl for her age was a very strong drug consumer (cannabis).

Any way. After the sexy time we were in the bed cuddling and she was playing with my … and at some point she say’s "Wow! You really do have 2 nice balls"
For don’t know what reason in this world I bust a laugh and asked “Why? Do you know someone with one ball?”
“Yes, my boyfriend” I was a bit shocked to find that she had some one. I can’t say that I cared, I was very happy that finally I got the chance to do things that I saw in adult movies.
So I asked "You have a boyfriend? And why does he have one testicle?"
I was more curious about some one with one testicle and I got this answer from her:
“When he was a boy he was riding his bicycle and had an accident. Some how one of his ball got stuck somewhere. But don’t worry about him. He’s in prison right now for selling grass”

Turns out her boyfriend was a 27 years old man and a pusher. After some weeks I never saw her again.
But I wanted to find her after some years to see how she’s doing. And eventually I did.
She ended up in some religious rehabilitation facility for drug addicts. The kind of one where only people who did heavy drugs ends up. I contact that place to ask if there was any chance to organize a meeting but they told me that if I’m not family member there was no way I can visit.

Some time later I found a new girl. Still at school. She was a 16 yrs Moroccan girl. We didn’t last long. We were kids and both wanted to have fun. I remember she had pictures of her ex “boyfriend” on her phone.
A 40 something Moroccan man who drove a Ferrari. I never wondered how on earth can some one from north Africa living in Italy can afford such a car. Coming from a working class family and having all friends on the same level it was a mistery for me.
Well, I found out 2 years later that this guy was in the narcotic business. This girl lives in my city even till today. Some time we see each other on the streets and end up chatting. Apparently now she is in a relationship with a restaurant owner (40+ years) who has some problems with the law because they found him with cocaine in his car and I guess she is involve pretty well too.

My ex Polish girlfriend of 2 years had a step sister on the mother side. And I was very curious where her sister’s father is and why isn’t he around. She told me that her sister’s father had a fight with an old lady that rented him a house (in Poland).
Things escalated so he killed her and chopped the body into pieces. He was found with the body in his car by the police at a road block for a routine check. I guess this man is still in prison till today.

In 2012 at work I had a brief relationship with a very beautiful Swiss girl. I was 20 and she was 26/27.
Before kissing she told me about her life.
4 years earlier she was in a relationship with a South African boy about her age. And this guy sold some grass to some one who didn’t pay. I guess the idea was to send a message that no one messes with him because he ended in jail 2 years for shooting with a gun at him. The one who didn’t pay as I recall and judging by the prison time, didn’t die. Or maybe wasn’t even shot, or wasn’t shot that badly.
This girl told me that she waited 2 years for him with out going out so he wont get mad and after a month or so after he was released, he left her for a 15 year old Brazilian girl.

After that I had girls with normal past life so far.


Someone tried mugging me a couple years back and shot at me when I fought back. I walked away with tinnitus and his pack of smokes.


And here I thought the plot of “Charlie Countryman” was far-fetched…


I haven’t been shot at, but I understand the permant annoyance that is tinnitus. How did you wind up with his smokes?


I’m being light on details on purpose, but I’ll just say this: if you’re going to rob someone at gunpoint, don’t ever jam the gun in their face.


Dayyyyum, i just wanna give you a hug my brotha. Don’t worry you’ll find a completely normal woman soon. I didn’t knew that drug problems are that serious there.


Must’ve been badass though! He also had it coming. He had the balls of not only robbing someone,but also sucking at it.


It was way worse in the 90’s old timers told me. Doing cocaine was pretty common back then.
Now its very common that kids (14-16) and many adults only smokes weed.


Its a near death experience.

When I was 12, I got diabetes. And as a kid, needles aren’t exactly a big plus in the book!
But thats not the scary thing.

We went to the hospital because I was feeling very ill, I was peeing and puking non stop, and my body was slowly shutting down due to the high blood sugar. At this point we obviously didn’t know it was diabetes. It was getting worse and worse from each day that passed.
So at the hospital we saw a doctor, who bearly checks on me, have me in his room for about 4 minutes and tells us it might be the flu, but it’ll pass soon. He even told us to buy a lot of candy and soda to make me fell better :persevere: at this stage I had already been sick for a few days.

The next day my body shut down. I couldn’t walk or move my hands. And when we called the hospital they told us not to come because we had been there the day before.
But we finally got an appointment… 5 hours later :persevere:

When we arrived I was dragged in because I couldn’t walk. Yet we still had to wait 15 minutes for another patient to finish before it was my turn.
When we finally got in, a doctor saw my condition and asked my mom why I wasn’t here earlier. At this point im already passed out.
She tells him we were here yesterday, and a doctor named Erik told us it was all fine. She described him too.

He then froze and told my mom that there’s no doctor here with that name or who looked like him…

Had I been there 2 hours later, I would have died in the waiting room.

47 in disguise maybe? Nah he was too fat!
But this proves how easy it is to blend in. People tend to see uniforms, not faces.

All I know is that I was nearly dead. They even considered putting me in a coma.
The only place they could draw my blood from was my ear, that’s how bad it was.


Holy shit,that is fucked up! Why in hell would someone ever do that to you? Glad you got to the doctor’s in time.


But now you have magic powers. You’re a cardist/illusionist, right? :wink:
It’s a wonderful life. :slight_smile:


OMG that is horrifyng, that is literally almost an attempted murder, jeez the doctor ‘‘Eric’’ is effed up I hope he/she goes to prison for what they did lol!


They never found the guy. He’s still out there and no one have any idea who he is.

Magic is everything to me :open_hands: :smile:

Heard it had happened a few years back too. She was less lucky though… Some people are F’ed up!


That guy deserves a “take out order” on him. Maybe a claw hammer to the face. Who knows.


I hope 47 punches him in the face in a clown suit!


AND stuffs him in a Garbage Disposal Truck.