The Nostalgia Thread and The Good Ol' Days


Not sure if this has been done before, but figured it would make for interesting discussion. The purposes of this thread is to reminisce on better times or things that have changed and are different than they used to be. For example I’ll start, does anyone remember dial-up? God, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I remember having to pre-load a 10 minute youtube video that took 2 hours, or back in the day just loading up the old HMF took at least 10 minutes to just render.


A classic.


A long time ago this is what multiplayer looked like:

… and there was no cat-calling… no insulting involved… just clean fun. :slight_smile:


That sound will forever be in my brain.


Uhh I remember pogs, ska music and videogames based on extreme sports. Oh and demo disks in game magazines. I think I only miss the extreme sports games though.


Honestly makes me miss couch co-op. Maybe thats why I liked Cuphead so much.


What exactly is Ska music? I feel like I should know.


Yeah it was a combination of Caribbean music styles and English/American pop or pop-rock styles


Oh okay must have missed out lol. Now that you mention it I do remember an influx of extreme sports games, and demo discs!!


One of my first PC games. :slight_smile:


My first game :smiley:


The first video game I ever got to witness! :grin::grin:


i still listen to Ska Music :heart:

i think Commander Keen was one of my first Games, iirc.



Split screen being in so many games was very cool. The only new big one that has it is CoD. And maybe some Nintenso ones.

Another thing is all the stuff that comes with physical editions. Like maps, controls, game mecahnics and so on. Hitman 2 has absolutely nothing, for example. Not even an ad of the coming Expansions or Legacy Pack.


Yeah makes me think of all the great times playing the original Star Wars Battlefront 1&2 and playing galactic conquest split-screen, or James Bond Nightfire or the like.
Yeah thats another thing that makes me sad about the digital era, none of those physical things. I remember the ps2 and and subsequent consoles including those little manuals and some provided backstory to the game while others were simply control schemes, so simple yet awesome.


Anyone remember this?


Does someone remember the Videogame called “Blood“? it shares the same engine as Duke Nukem 3D but its horrorthemed and insanely brutal. loved it as a Kid and i would love to play it again!



Yup, this was one of my favourites. Especially loved setting enemies on fire using the flare gun or whatever it was called. And the akimbo mode. :slight_smile:


The game that started it all, IO’s very first videogame Hitman: Codename 47 officially turns 18 years old today.

I was only 15 when I first installed C47 on my family’s old computer. It’s the third Hitman game I ever played, and I loved it just as much as I loved Blood Money and Contracts.

It is great to take a look back and see how much the series has grown since then, and to see how the latest entry in the series has fully perfected C47’s original formula.

Here’s to you IO, for giving us such a brilliant game, and for starting this long lasting journey. Have a happy anniversary, Codename 47. :birthday: :smile:



Brings me back to when I was just a little kid finding out this game existed