The Nostalgia Thread and The Good Ol' Days


I remember buying Hitman 2 from a cheap goods store for £10.

15 years later it’s still one of my biggest bargains!


did they post something on twitter? they dont mentioned it (yet) on facebook, neither on Hitman nor Io Interactive Accounts.

They treat Codename 47 like its the ugly Duckling of the Series, but celebrate Absolutions Releaseday on FB :joy:




Yuigoh Intro Throwback to getting up super early on saturday to watch Static Shock, Yugioh and Pokemon so many days ago. :smiley:
Edit: meant to post video like above but guess it didn’t take on mobile. Oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh they need to bring back Static Shock. I don’t care if it is a TV show or a comic. Just bring em back Milestone/DC


With all the reboots, I am suprised that they haven’t, would be excellent if done right!


Throwback to that nostalgia period where Hitman games had:

  • Taking people as hostages
  • Human Shields
  • Money System
  • Custom Ratings
  • Binoculars
  • Double Guns
  • Quick inventory shortcuts
  • Dynamic live map
  • CGI cinematics and animated cutscenes
  • Weapons customization
  • Localized language (with native language and accents)
  • Deep briefings
  • A proper, fluid and optimized game
  • Outstanding soundtrack
  • Elevators
  • Metal Detectors
  • Properly Animated Briefcases
  • Variety of weapons
  • Cheats
  • Full Offline Playing
  • No DRMs

With less ressources, technology, no DLC and all of that for less than 60 bucks…

But why am i surprised?
The whole dev team has left years ago and people are okay with less content anyways…

Forever Remembered :heart:


Speaking of music, does anyone remember drum and bass music from the 90’s? I was introduced to it with Need for speed High stakes on the PS1, which was released in 1999 :slightly_smiling_face:


You aren’t the only one! I still am baffled how IO/Square Enix (Pre-divorce) has taken a lot of steps forward but so many back. I know I harp on this a lot but remember all of those melee animations with the knife and fiber wire? Being able to fiber wire from an elevator shaft? I also really miss the custom ratings aswell.


We have this now



One thing I will say I did enjoy about absolution is human shields. Why they had this in BM the NPC’s recycled dialogue too often “No one has to get hurt here.” “Don’t do anything stupid pal.” bang bang But in absolution I remember taking one of Wade’s goons hostage and the other one reacted somewhat realistically. “Hey thats my brother asshole! Let him go.” “Please, I don’t want to do this man… Just let him go!”


That’s the same thing, isn’t it?

Have you ever used them? If so, for what reason?

Have you played Hitman 2018?

They’re deeper than ever but not as realistic

With less costs, less size of the game. And Hitman Contracts was pretty much an SA DLC. Also, remember ETs are free? So are challenge packs and escalations.

What are you talking about? The game has more content than ever. Even excluding all the additional game modes like contracts, escalations, ETs and Sniper Assassin.


While I would love to have some of those things back (soundtrack, offline and customization), I believe you’re purposefully downplaying/ignoring the many strengths of the latest games.

A few of your points are either wrong or repeated. Look beyond nostalgia goggles and you’ll find a game very faithful to the series. :slight_smile:


Buzz off you annoying gadfly. There are plenty of threads for this sort of shit. This is for non-Hitman things


Do anyone remember this?


Also I find it very odd when people complain about Instinct mode in the games being too easy but then proceed to say they miss the live Map from Blood Money?

Wut? The live Map is a lot more OP than Instinct because Instinct at least has a range limit and doesn’t distinguish between civilians and armed NPCs. With the live map, you get to know exactly where everyone is and what they are doing no matter where you are.


Live map shows only targets on Professional mode. You also can’t shoot or interact while you’re using it. It doesn’t make you see camera grids. It doesn’t slow down time.


Instinct no longer slows down time.

Yep and you can also turn off instinct. We should only consider how it works on default settings.


Well, you get some and take some I suppose? Instinct doesn’t have the range advantage. You could always turn off instinct and just see the last position of the target on the satellite map.


And you can also not use the map. It doesn’t change the facts. And even you think it is reasonable other stuff still outweighs it.