The Nostalgia Thread and The Good Ol' Days


But it’s not just that. Camera grids is something meant to be seen by the players in the new games and without it you cant. There also isn’t a way to look through keyholes to see which way people are facing when you want ti pick the lock or whatever.


Also, I consider the default settings the ones that the game is speedran on. Hitman BM is Professional and Hitman 2018 is also Professional usually with instinct on.


We should compare instinct as it stands to the live map on normal settings because that is what is fair.

And I consider it the normal mode since that is the standard for developers. Not every person will speed run but almost all gamers start on normal


Why do you think so? It’s the equivalent of casual. It doesn’t even have one of the features - notoriety system. And the AI is dumbed down there.


What normal was the middle option in BM isn’t it? It still had the notoriety system since I remember deciding weather to pay for notoriety removal


I confused it with Contracts as I played it last. Still, it wasn’t op. Especially since now in addition to instinct you have the minimap


Yeah but when compared to the mini-map it still does less than the live map. But instinct is still better than it was in Absolution. Some people think Diana is hand holding? The instinct told us what path the guards walked.:joy:


Dont forget the gross yellow glow on the NPCs when Instinct was used in Absolution.


Or the descriptions of opportunities spelt out for you and you had to look at he marker juuust right to see what it said.


Or that sound it makes when you “blend in”. And the mechanic overall.


Nothing wrong with blending the problem is that it was useless in Abs.Disguises overall were amazing, before the game came out I never knew it was Chicago PD protocol to memorise the face of every single member of the force


Instinct in Absolution was pretty much mana lol relying upon subduing an KOing NPCs to refill mana haha


Actually it does, it’s a bit hard to see, but in instinct civilian NPCs have a fainter white outline than guard NPCs.


Uhhh…no we don’t?

Yes. Have you played the previous games?

Since you are not able to see the difference, here’s a special video i’ve made for you guys:

No it’s not…

  • In BM, you could take anyone as a “Hostage” while coming from behind, while

  • In Absolution, the only way to tke someone is to be spotted and surrender (aka “Human Shield”).

So no, that’s not really the same thing here…

For any reasons. So what? Because you don’t use them we don’t need them in new games? Another good selfish performance from you here…

Hitman Contracts was an SA improvement: better AI, better graphics and remastered levels.

ETs might be free, challenge packs and escalations, give everything free if you want, the game would still be a DLC from Hitman 2016, an extension, an upgrade whatever you call it…

Yeah sure…have you seen my "Nostalgia " list above? Where is that content?

We have beautiful graphics, better engine. And that’s it.

No i’m not. I even made a dedicated topic listing all goods and bads from new games (can’t post it sorry, just search it through forums)

Uhh…this is nostalgia topic?

Have you read the topic title? NOSTALGIA.
You don’t like it? Just move away :wink:

I think i’ve answered all of your concerns, even if that was very annoying to prepare… :sleepy:

Like it or not, that’s my opinion, and i won’t hange it becuse you are mad about it.

That being said, cheers y’all!


Can anyone tell if its true that the blood money team is no longer part of IOI? Is it true?


I’m nostalgic about the nostalgia thread when it was still about nostalgia. Aaah, the good old days. Seems so far away now.


Yes we do. The NPCs in Colombia not only speak with accents but also frequently use Spanish words. I guess it’s the same with Mumbai.

And you’re forgetting that the previous games didn’t have the massive amount of dialogue that both HITMAN games have. HITMAN 1 had more words in its script than Lord of the Rings.

That’s why we don’t have npcs speaking in their language all the time, cause the player needs to understand what they’re saying.

Not only that, but we also have an unprecedented amount of content never seen before in any Hitman game, and the best gameplay in the series.


I think whenever Dawood swears it is in Hindi or another language. The signs are also all in Hindi whereas Sapienza and Marrakesh had English signage mostly


Using frequently native language words is not using native language. There’s a difference here…

For sure, but it’s not Native Language still, but Accents with some native language words here and there…should i repost “Language 101” video twice?

Thtat’s why it’s not Native Language in few words.

Ok, unprecedented mount of content, best gameplay in the series, but still nothing from the list above (and from previous games)…


Is it? Doesn’t the X prompt appear even when you just approach people with a gun from their back?

Also, why would you want native language if you couldn’t understand a thing. Weren’t you the guy who was irritated at accidental tressapssings cause guards didn’t communicate it clearly? Now you suggest them doing it in a foreing language. Nice

So, no answer and instead an Ad Hominem. I see. Well, I can do the same: because you use them(I don’t honestly think so) we need them in new games? Another example of your hypocrisy.

Lol, it has literally got the same 47 model with a texture of different color. The AI was the same except it wasn’t as buggy(actually, it was - “Bjarkov Bomb”) Hm, remastered levels? Sounds kinda familiar, doesn’t it? I wonder why. Hitman 2 has improved on much more than that. We now have the briefcase and stuff like flash and sedative grenades.

Stop playing dumb. You mentioned spending hundreds of hours in 2016 and obviously you didn’t have that much to do in any of the old games. Stop with your duck syndrome.