The Nostalgia Thread and The Good Ol' Days



Stronza di merda!


This is a thread for nostalgia, epic47sides you are only here to spark the same argument you do in most threads. Stop detailing it. It’s extremely annoying at this point.


G’Day ya smeg head, barbie, ice blocks and tinnies later darls?


I just posted my post about how good BM as and everybody started arguing about it!
Can’t say anything without being attacked by people :confused:

I agree though, nuff’ said. It stops now (at least here)…



Thank you Netflix for reminding me just how terrible Blockbuster and video retail was. I waited for the day me local store was going under and I bought almost their whole PS3 collection for sixty bucks.


I dunno @Epic47Sides, seems like you’re just bitching for the sake of bitching at this point. I agree with you, I want more features from BM, but don’t take what we do have for granted.

Once these ho-ass bugs get ironed out, H2 will be aces


All good things must come to an end, I guess. :cry::joy:


Agree. It does seem like complaining for the sake of complaining and I used to be like that with Blood Money too…until I removed my nostalgia goggles.


Blood Money carved out it’s own legacy #RIP #Requiem


Another thing about the language/accent complaint that is quite baffling to me is how people completely ignore the fact that Blood Money took place mostly in USA with only 2 or so locations taking place elsewhere…and even then the NPCs conversed 90% of the time in English with an accent.

C47 on the other hand had absolutely no native language dialogue and NPCs conversed only with an accent. It’s a better balance in the new game where some of the ambient dialogue is with native language and the essential dialogue is English with a native accent.


It’s funny how people bring up voice acting in the old games at all. It was mostly terrible. But 47’s dialogue was good and some Russian dialogue in Contracts. Also, Romanian language is creepy.


Remember that “urban” person in the beginning of Blood Money? That was the first character in the game you interacted with and it is all down hill from there.


The Franchise?

20 xxxx


If you don’t mean the gangster 47 knocks out with the gate then I do not really remember. Which level was it?


You are right I was talking about the gangster in Death of a Showman


The Franchise was more than one person and terminally underdeveloped as an organisation.


Everyone keeps saying how Blood Money had the best story and I can’t remember a single thing or character in the story lol


Tell me about it. The biggest problem is that 47 has a lack of agency in his own game. Framing it as a series of flashbacks was a terrible idea. It would have been much better to just have Cayne and The Reporter appear and act as spin doctors manipulating the events, would also tie into the newspapers. Help show Alpha Xerox is a powerful secret society (The Franchise was just a branch)


I don’t have much idea what you’re talking about lol. All I remember was a reporter and some dude with a burnt face on an automatic wheel chair having seriously boring conversations I couldn’t care less about.

Not to mention the levels were almost completely disconnected from the narrative of the cutscenes. I’ll give BM the credit that its story at least felt like it wrapped up completely near the end and its actual ending was fantastic.