The Nostalgia Thread and The Good Ol' Days


I completely agree then


No you described exactly what I was talking about. 47 only shows up at he end of his own story. By the time 47 is involved in the plot of the game he is on his way to kill the vice president of the US. Twelve missions ago you were in a hacienda in Chile strangling a 70 year old now you are fight a clone on the roof of the West Wing. Between them is boring conversations with boring people who are never developed and one whose name was changed in advertising


Also, another unpopular opinion: Blood Money has some of the least memorable targets ever in the franchise. They are so forgettable…only one I really remember is Vinnie Sinistra.


Odd I hate Vinnie. I remember Alvarde (The Tenor) the most since his kill was what got me into Hitman. You are correct, all of BM’s targets are bland, stereotyped and/or underdeveloped.


I remember all of them. Not all names but characters themselves.


Surprisingly enough I would also put Swing King. :joy: He was fleshed out decently.

I guess I only remember Vinnie because of how ridiculous he looks and just how funny the level is by itself.


Oh yeah. Clarence was the only character who had an arc and whose character was fleshed out as the mission progressed. But IO’s shitty writing reveals itself in the inadvertant racism


Explain please.

20 ch


Clarence calls Scoop Spook. Spook is a derogatory slang term in America aimed at African Americans. IO probably didn’t do the research at the time of recording since Scoop has no reaction to the dialogue nor would Clarance bad mouth the person he wants to appease.


So what’s the problem here? A character being racist?


No it was lazy writing practices. IO didn’t do any research until it was too late into recording the lines. Clarence was not being racist nor were IO. IO were just lazy and Clarence just sounds out of character. I can abide bad writing on a level but not lazy writing


People throw a lot of shit at the latest games storylines but I think they do a much better job than the older games with a stronger emphasis on atmospheric storytelling and in general the levels themselves feel much more connected to the main narrative and there is just a stronger sense of involvement.

Of course its not anywhere near on the level of R*, CDPR, Naughty Dog etc. but hey I still enjoy the storyline. Just got 20 Mastery on Miami.


Oh yeah despite its flaws the new storyline is still one of the better ones we have had. There is agency pun intended, we have a well developed nemesis organisation and there are some nice new characters


“What are you looking at cracker?”


Oh yeah now THAT is intentional racism but don’t worry white people are just as overtly stereotyped as the African-American characters. I mean The Gator Gang anyone?


The thick redneck accent. Wouldn’t be surprised if IOI wrote the bride and groom in that level to be biological siblings lol.


They are in some versions. Papa LeBlanc is related to Muldoon as brothers I think, So Margeaux and Hank are cousins by birth


I have noticed something rather funny in Miami… I have seen most of the NPC couples in the mission are actually interracial lol


I think the crowds are RNG. Like I said IO are not racists they were just lazy making and writing BM. Now IO have the money to actually go to the places they capture in game.


IoI while making BM “We don’t have enough money to hire people with authentic accents/language so we are just going to make the game take place 90% in the USA!” :stuck_out_tongue: