The Nostalgia Thread and The Good Ol' Days


Believe it or not I don’t think that is the reason since we have South American Spanish, French and Southern US accents. I think Alpha Xerox were Americans so the plot is set in America


Just saw your edit. Now I get it. That’s dumb indeed


Yep it is dumb. But I will always hate what I think is retconing Contracts by making 47’s shooting appear to be premeditated by AX.


Wasn’t it the original plan when BM and C were supposed to be one game?


I don’t know doesn’t feel like it to me. To many stylistic changes to make sense.


Hitman Contracts…easily the worst storyline in the franchise…


Uh no still Absolution for me. Contracts had a terrible story structure but the story was not garbage


Why Absolution? The dumbest thing in the game was 47 attempting to strangle the musclehead meatball wrestler and getting his arse kicked.

I feel his legendary status should have died just there lol


Bad dialogue, bad characters, bad motivations, bad writing overall. The game being remade and cut many times doesn’t help either.


47 had terrible characters with appalling dialogue (Blake Dexter, even my brother knows his first lines in Terminus), 47 was also owned by Skurky if you fail to forget or never killing Birdie, the ICA suddenly has a mercenary army despite being an assassination bureau, it was a mish mash of ideas that never cohered into a palpable story. Worst of all is the town of Hope


Streets Of Hope? Wasn’t it the only level that came close to the feeling of the older games?


No I mean the town itself. I mean think about it a town obsessed with high school football, BBQ and gun industry. That is not South Dakota, I am not even American and I know that, but I do know that is Texas, Then there is Blake Dexter who dresses in cowboy hats, wears bolo ties and has bull horn hood ornaments. His South-Western accent and his families too also his Mexican bodyguard. The desert landscape as well, The South Dakota Badlands look radically different to the desert in game also Western Diamondbacks are not endemic to SD but are to Texas.

Bear in mind I am not some obsessive (well not over this anyway). This is some basic stuff I strung together from basic observations from pop-culture as well as some light research.


Dont forget the 3000 F bombs to make him sound cool lol.


Well that is crass and juvenile. I don’t think Texans habitually swear.


47 whispering to Victoria “No one will harm you ever again!” Another cringy moment.


Wade gently whispering “Why do I got wood?”. It is perhaps more elegant that Joyce could have ever been.


I tried to be so optimistic with Absolution because of the draught of Hitman for so long. I play KOCT and thought the game was different but could have been alright. The whole Birdie thing annoyed me but I still trudged on, 47 getting his ass kicked by mutant Danny Trejo left a bad taste in my mouth sure, but I STILL TRUDGED ON, begrudgingly. The line “I don’t normally yeehaw but that is a fucking yeehaw.” And the fact that Blake Dexter knew 47 is where I lost it.


When I think of Absolution I think of 47 with a bent back. He was sneaking, crouching and looking for cover 97% of the time. Skulking like a disease-ridden rodent, while he should be standing tall and proud no matter the circumstance.


Yep Terminus is the beginning of a fast paced but incredibly long descent into just woefulness you never though was possible.


Exactly! I think the reason I loathe it so much is I let myself get overhyped during the 8ish year absence between Blood Money and Absolution and it was so different. I mean gameplaywise it didn’t feel like a Hitman game. Storywise it didnt either, crazy characters I probably could have gotten over (to some extent.) But the fact that in the majority of the cutscenes 47 the assassin we have seen do the impossible gets made to look like a bitch. By Sanchez? Okay he is a mutant and 47 was just having an off day. By Blake Dexter? Ok… 47 is losing his touch but he’ll get it back. By fucking Skurky?! (Agent 17, Mark Parchezzi and Fournier didn’t have shit on Skurky! He would have kicked all their asses blindfolded, They better stay the fuck outta Hope!) He might as well have blew 47’s head off then let us play the rest of the game as Kane. With all those out of place Easter eggs for Kane and Lynch it seems like they’d have rather made that game instead.