The Nostalgia Thread and The Good Ol' Days


Sanchez was a mutant all along? I thought he had gigantism! I don’t normally say what the fuck, but this is a fucking WHAT THE FUCK, ABSOLUTION?


I am not sure if they outright used the word mutant. But they said Blake Dexter “modified” his genes. It was a really shitty storyline…




When I think of Absolution I think of how the game was violent on day one, but after a couple patches they gradually scaled back on it. I wanna see my axe wounds…


I swear I remember this level being as populated as Mumbai. Holy heck it’s empty.


This is still one of my all time favorite Hitman levels, in general all levels that features targets who’s hunting you are interesting and it’s a refreshing dynamic. Something I hope to see in the next game.


I still remember the purple turban dude who, if he saw you, would not bugger off your ass until you killed him.

Was hoping for a similarly-clothed NPC in Mumbai so we could make some nostalgic contracts


he will also kill Agent Smith sometimes, i’m not sure what exactly triggers that though.


I believe it triggers if you let him follow you back to agent smith after killing the other assassins.
Edit: @Agent.Smith why were you so drunk you couldn’t defend yourself? Mr Purple Turban man always blew your head off in a New York minute.


sometimes he will run across the whole Map to instakill Smith, so i’m not so sure about this.


Was that a secret target? This sounds so familar.


Really? I never had that happen, I always figured it was when he tailed you back. Lol I bet that was frusterating when that happened. :sweat_smile:


Not so much a target as a hidden enemy, if he saw you he would tail you until you killed him or he followed you back to smith at which point he’d instakill him. He never drew a gun on 47 unless provoked though.
He was notable as the only man who wore a purple turban in the level.


Lmao as soon as I got Smith’s drunk ass outta there, I took that spas 12, aimed at the door, and waited. :wink:



20 characters


Haha it was always stasifying to kill that dude after he’d been tailing you for miles. Lmao


It was also the official theme to many of the lunches and dinners that got cold as my mom exasperatedly called me downstairs. I gobbled those meals up as this song was playing, the game waiting for me to come back and play some more InstaGib on Morpheus.


Some top-notch acting!


pls take me with you, Tim Curry!



Only 2011 HMF will remember this. :smiley: