The Occupation (on all platforms)

This game looks very interesting. If you were ever into L.A.Noire, this is an investigative game like it with added stealth, heard footsteps, eavesdropping, and much more. Just saw this trailer gameplay last night. Comes out March 5th. It also plays in real time so one hour in real life is one hour in game. Not sure how that plays out with actual gameplay though but that also sounds very interesting. Not many games use actual real time.

10 minute gameplay trailer.


I think anyone that is a member of this forum would likely be interested in this game. I know that I am.

Yeah, I saw the same clip last night as well!
Looks really interesting, but I don’t think it’s something I’d play. Seems like it’d be a bit time consuming and confusing with all the story threads there might be to follow.

Contacting White Paper now.

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It’s on Steam too for anyone interested

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Gotta update my article. The game and press page did not mention Steam at all. Thanks @Hatch

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It’s $29.99 on Xbox.

I’ll probably check it out if it gets decent reviews/buzz. I feel like mystery games need to walk a difficult line. I want a lot of freedom to investigate and solve the crime without being guided too much, but I also don’t want to be frustrated and they can’t let me solve the crime too early. Are there any games that do this well? I’m wondering if it’s possible to get through the scene/sequence shown in this preview without learning anything of value, if I were an idiot… or is the outcome fairly pre-determined? Do I get to decide what to do next?

@immadummee47, thanks for the heads up on this. I contacted White Paper Games and they gave me a copy for review. I will try to have the review out in the next few days.

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Looks fun, but it feels like just one small event. Had they made various scenarios I maybe would’ve bought it

This game looks very good and very detailed.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of the low-tech snooping in the government offices of Berlin during the '80s, prior to the wall coming down. Smuggling documents inside belts, racing to keep tight appointments with contacts halfway across town, and constantly treading the fine line between spying and being caught by the Stasi around you. The espionage game before the digital age, when psychology and skulking around in the shadows were all an intelligence officer had.

A battle of wits, not of technology.

Making love to gorgeous Russian double (possibly triple) agents under the Bridge of Spies…

The good old days.

The bridge of spies was a place for prisoner swaps, not for you to catch an STI from one of Lubyanka’s charm school girls! ‘Girl’ being the operative word, as they were often underage because puberty really did a number on them and rendered them useless.

According to Wikipedia (so it must be true, because that’s where I double-checked the spelling of ‘Lubyanka’), the game takes place entirely within that one building, even though the trailer shows outside areas.

Yeah but when in Rome.

sigh What happens under the bridge, stays under the bridge…

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@doom-generation Now the scores are even from the Life Goals thread haha 1:1.

Qué? Were we competing for something?

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Not anymore, child. Not anymore… to be continued…never….

This game looks very interesting. I was a big fan of LA Noire and I enjoy the Sherlock Holmes games as well. This looks like something right up my alley. I would be curious to know first though what the time limit is and to know how many possible endings there are, if the game has multiple endings besides Pass and Fail. being constrained to only the building doesn’t bother me if the level design is on par with games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution (I haven’t played Mankind Divided yet).