The OCD Thread ||||/|

@georgetheaspie mentioned this as a joke in another thread, but I thought it could make for an interesting topic lol

I don’t care who you are, we all have OCD to a certain degree. We all have a little bit of Sean Rose in us.

  • Do you put your DVD/Game collection in alphabetical order?
  • Do you wash your hands a lot?
  • Do you have to have your clothes put away by category or color? (Shirts, underwear, pants, socks)

If the following pictures trigger you; Congrats— You have OCD

image image

Post yours in here. (While I thought this would be a fun thread, OCD is very real. Don’t judge! :laughing:


One of mine when I was a kid (thank god I grew out of that phase) but I used to wash my hands A LOT!! To the point where my hands would get severely chapped and crack open.

I don’t know why I was like this, but it was so bad that if I would just simply walk past something dirty (garbage, a dead animal outside, a band aid on the ground—whatever…) I would have this uncontrollable urge to wash my hands (as if I actually touched that dirty thing.)

It was bad lol I’m just really glad I outgrew that. I mean I still wash my hands obviously, but it’s definitely at a more “normal” rate haha

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I think my OCD habit is just wanting to know everything. I feel like there’s like so much I don’t know that seems like everyone else knows and it’s pretty annoying to other people and frankly myself. Like I’ll just be in the car and ask my parents the dumbest questions even though everyone else knows the answers. Don’t know if I’m just dumb or it leaves my mind :crazy_face:
So I guess my OCD thing is literally anything I don’t know about I ask.

Mine are: locking the front door .worrying i that didn’t, leave the house , and go back to said house, check front door . Also , early(5 years or so) I used to buy a lot of games from game-stop& was obsessed about removing all the price stickers. One minor one is my closet.i have all work clothes on one side, regular clothes in middle, sports teams then sweatshirts, not color coded but grouped .lastly, my mini blinds drive me crazy if not straight, or equal to other ones in the room …i know "they are coming to take me away haha!":exploding_head::clown_face::crazy_face: