The Outer Worlds

Also announced at The Game Awards, The Outer Worlds is a new FPS RPG from Obsidian, the guys who made Fallout: New Vegas. Not too much info yet, we have a trailer and a 15 minute demo from Game Informer.

Still, looks to be very much a Fallout style game. AI companions, questing, silent protagonist, you talk to people like you did in Fallout NV, some kind of skill system that includings intimidating people. The setting certainly has a Borderlands vibe to it with a Victorian era aesthetic to it. Looks to be very quirky but probably not as hilarious as the Borderlands games try to be.

Could be good hopefully. New Vegas is beloved, but people do seem to forget that Obsidian’s record isn’t completely clean, like their RPG spy game Alpha Protocal which was (and still is) an extremely buggy mess.

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Looks great. Let’s hope it can live up to expectations.

Does it have speech checks in dialogue. You know tied to skills, SPECIAL (It wont be called that but…), perks and the like? If so are there really moronic options for low IQ players? Cause if that is not there then I will riot.

Yes, it’s confirmed in one of the screenshots on the store page.

Also Im really looking forward to this game, really like space exploration and I like RPGs with a lot of options, like Fallout. Will definitely be picking this up.

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Yep I want Obsidian’s last hurrah on the free market. Tide me over until Pitchford cranks out Borderlands 3

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Looks very Borderlandsy, but I’m definitely interested. Especially if they’re picking up the ball that Fallout 4 dropped.

Hope there’ll be some kind of character creation in this. :slight_smile: (even though the 1st person POV might indicate otherwise)

Well Obsidian also made Fallout NV and you could toggle between 3rd and 1st person and it had character creation. So remain hopeful

I will. Character creation is pretty important to me in games like this. Replaying with different builds sort of loses a part of its appeal to me if the character model is the same.

Edit: Really like the way the trailer seems to imply a lot of choices including doing nothing. “You know you didn’t have to shoot either one right?” :slight_smile:


This looks pretty good, but migosh I dislike the terrible, personality-free sense of humor on display in that trailer. It had the cadence of something with a lot of jokes but it didn’t have a single good joke. I hope that’s just the advertising.


The gameplay footage shows in dialogue some kind of skill system. You can lie if you have 60 lie points, intimidate if you have 45 intimidate points, and there are dumb options.

Yeah. This is just about everything i wanted after coming to terms with Obsidian never working on a fallout game again. They made the Good ones. This looks like a mix of Borderlands and New Vegas. Me Likey Alot.

Watching a video about some more info on the game, there is a character creator but the game is first person only, and you’ll only see your character in the loadout menu and if you leave the game idle for a while.

MrMattyPlays is a channel that seems to be doing regular updates on The Outer Worlds. Some stuff that has come out:

It seems as if, like New Vegas, the skill and perk system is somewhat similar. There seems to be an equivelent to SPECIAL, but with only 6 stats, 2 of them being Strength and Intelligence.

There are speech skills Lying, Intimidation and Persuasian, and there are tech skills such as Science, Medical and Engineering. There are some skills designed for weaponary, which seems to include some sort of melee weapon skill, and a subset of science weapons like a shrink ray that actually use the Science skill to get better rather than gun skills. There is also a stealth perk.

There are also debuffs, which are a bit similar to Traits in New Vegas. You can have up to 3 debuffs in a normal game, more in a harder game, where you become weaker to something such as a type of enemy or something like fire, but you immedietly receive a perk point in return.

It seems to be implied that skills have a cap of 100, again like New Vegas. Every 20 skills points into a skill, you get a perk, or you unlock the ability to buy a perk? Not too sure about that. i.e. If you get Stealth to 20, you can then do more damage while in Stealth.

In terms of story and characters, there are no essential NPCs, in that you can apparently kill anyone you want. The mad scientist character in the trailer that releases you from cryo, you can help him or you can betray him and turn him into the authorities the first chance you get. You can have alliances with people and the corporations that dominate over the 2 planets. Companions may leave you if you commit actions they are against. You cannot romance companions. Multiple endings confirmed, doesn’t seem to be any confirmation if you can keep playing after finishing the main quest like you could in Fallout 4.

You are allowed to have 2 companions accompany you at one time. Companions themselves have their own perk and skill trees, with each companion excelling in 3 particular skills each. When you level up, so do your companions and you can choose what they receive. They can receive their own special attacks, such as a dropkick for Felix. You can also spend skill points in buffing your companions in Inspiration and Determination, which increase the companions damage and their damage resistance respectively.

The Outer Worlds is not a triple A title, so no mod support is planned, no plans to add a third person camera, and while DLC may happen, no DLC will be planned until the game launches. The game is not open world, it seems to have more of a Borderlands style structure where you land in different areas which are fairly open but not massive. The ship serves as your hub for your companions and lets you select where you need to go, and you unlock locations by getting passkeys.

Apparently one of the devs have said that the game’s length will be comparable to Hellblade: Sensua’s Sacrifice, which is a little surprising considering that game isn’t that long. Certainly, I don’t think The Outer Worlds is going to compare to Fallout in terms of time or scope, so hopefully we are looking at something more in the realms of say, the recent Deus Ex games?

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Man, I really hope they have a holster button in the game. Walking around in on your own ship with your gun drawn is really weird.

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Game Informer did a big scoop of The Outer Worlds, so here is a summary of some more new info:

  1. Retail price of $60.
  2. No release date besides being aimed at the year 2019.
  3. Will receive physical release.
  4. 20-30 hours playtime.
  5. The Outer Worlds sci-fi setting actually begins as an alternate history for humanity, as the era of the robber barons of the 19th/20th century hasn’t ended.
  6. The premise of the game is that it is set on a colony, inhabitated by a colony ship. Colonists were supposed to arrive in 2 waves, but the second ship arrived far later. The government of the colony decided to just leave it in orbit, with everyone cyrogenically frozen. 70 years later, the player is one of those colonists, woken up by a mad scientist’s experiments.
  7. You can choose your character’s aptitude, for minor stat bonuses.
  8. Each companion has their own dedicated quest line.
  9. Skills are sorted into broader categories, and when you receive skill points when levelling up, if you are a bit unsure what to level up, you can level up a broader category and level up all the skills under that category evenly. It is designed so that when you’re early in the game, you can do a general approach, but the encourages specialisation later on.
  10. Weapons and armor all have different attributes depending on the corporation who manufactured them, abit like the weaponary in Borderlands.
  11. Weapon degredation and weapon customisation are things in the game.

Hmmm still not one hundred percent sold on it. Might wait for a price drop on it. So far the best thing is the actual premise.

I think the thing about this game is that it is going to be an RPG first, FPS second. If you’re looking for a good quality shooter, you might not get it here.

Oh no I want the RPG it is just nothing about this game that has really spoken to me. But then again I kinda forgot this game existed and I haven’t been following the news on it.

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The review embargo has been lifted, and it currently has an 82 on Metacritic. Seems like for those who want the “true” successor to Fallout: New Vegas, this is it… even in the sense that it is an OK FPS but a great RPG. Got it on pre-order, can’t wait to give it a shot.

this is really great to hear, I’m getting it free on game pass so I’ve really got high hopes for Friday

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