The Partners - Interesting Intel

So here I was, watching my own video, and I paused at all three Partners. I noticed that there are some interesting details:

What noticed and think think so far:

-Dutch location
-Allan please add details
-Britisch location

I made a separate thread because this might be expanded upon


Stuyvesand confirmed to be Dutch. Heck yeah! Preparing myself for a mission in my own country. Cheers boys, this is a reason for me to grab a cold one from the fridge!

Plz IOI I beg you, don’t disappoint me :pray:


Now we also know Mrs. Carlisle’s first name. This is so sad, Alexa play Ave Maria.


Don’t disappoint us :netherlands:

Now hold on, these are the people the constant is VR’ing with

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Not to crush your hopes but we killed a Russian and an Israeli in Paris, a Swede in Marrakesh and a Spanish women in New Zealand.

With them being rich business people, who now also faked their deaths, they could be hiding anywhere on the planet.


Funny little detail: is this the first ingame render of them? We had the shadow client not in the game until Hitman 2, but if they already created them for the ingame part, might this even be their final look in hitman 3?

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I deathly hope this is a sign IOI have gone with something I suggested…

So the plot twist is Mark Faba is the one who helped all 3 vanish through fake deaths. :wink:


So how do you think taking on the Partners will play out? I doubt they would ever meet each other in person and I doubt they would be seen in a public setting, so will three missions be set at each of their homes and strongholds? If so, let’s speculate:

  • Carlisle owns three grand houses and, er, a kennel. Her Berkshire Estate is explicitly mentioned, so I’m certain that would be the setting. Beldingford Manor 2.0, maybe? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • Stuyvesant owns a private racetrack, but this is unlikely to be the setting due to similarities to Miami. Freeform Training mentions the Stuyvesants had a painting stolen, and his obituary mentions he’s an art enthusiast…maybe his family owns a gallery with a luxury apartment above, or something?

  • Ingram seems to be from Connecticut, America’s wealthiest state. As It’s a rich, coastal area, I guess Ingram would live on one of those obscene super-yachts, which we would infiltrate.

  • It’s very unlikely that we will kill any of the Partners at the Resort, seeing as it’s DLC, so I’ll take a guess that the target there will be the hastily-appointed new Constant, who will be there on the Partners’ behalfs, and will have info on their new identities and locations. We shall see!


I feel like the final or penultimate mission will involve is killing all three partners (the latter if Grey betrays us). And Diana will say something like “it is very rare to have all three partners meet at the same location” like she said about the Yardbirds and Cartel targets.


I would find it very cool though if each partner had their own mission and there were all nods to the old games sorta like how Another Life was. E.G: Beldingford Manor 2 (as you said), Deadly Cargo 2 and I dunno probs another US level as an homage to Blood Money.

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It’s implied that one or all of them have visited the resort for plastic surgery right?

So the in-games models should differ somewhat next we see them.

Maybe it will be like the Fugitive ET and we have to identify our targets from a host of surgery patients. Unlikely, but funny to think about the possibilities and the bandages to look out for. Have to identify one of the men from hair transplants, the other one has his penis enlarged, and is there such a thing as women getting cosmetic ass surgery?

We kill them on the Resort which turns out to be Battle Royale. They are played by IOI staff and you have to be lucky getting a slot in a match.


I think the resort mission will be to kidnap a doctor or get Intel on the new faces. Unlikely they are still chilling waiting for 47. Stuyvesant disappeared a month ago, if real world time is worth anything.


I love the superyacht idea! It allows the designers to make the rooms a bit tight (like on a boat) and cram a lot of ideas into a smaller space. The smaller space means the targets route could cover a great many opportunity kills without taking forever for them to complete their route. Imagine if Paris had been a boat? Victors route would either take 1/2 the time to complete, or there could have been twice as many options for him in the same time.

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To be honest I really wouldn’t mind a boat level done properly for Season 3. Death on the Mississippi didn’t really do it for me.


a boat like the Titanic :joy: