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No it is my only request I want IO to take on board but I ran it through an anagram website. Because there is so many ways I can say it before I sound like a skipping record.

How dare you call my insults mindless! Do you know how insulting that is to my insults! Oh yeah I didn’t mean to insult you.

I was reading this whole thread again, because it’s one of the things it interests me the most facing the upcoming Hitman 3 and this answer made me think that it’s obvious that 47 would not kill Edwards and Grey if it’s not personal or if it’s not an order. Therefore that makes me think that even if there’s a betrayal, there must be something else to ignite 47. That leaves me with:

1 - they kill Diana and that’s personal for 47 as he’s starting to be more human and understanding what he caused to Diana and how close to her he was.

2 - instead of that, Diana is the traitor along with Grey (she looks “comfortable” with him and i think that 47 has high chances of being manipulated, since he’s the most skilled hitman but he has affective problems that could led him to think it was worthwile to pursue that “searching about the past” thing) and then if 47 is alone it makes more sense to feel that he needs to get rid off of all that people (maybe olivia is his new best friend, since i think she’s also being set up)

3 - none of that happens and we never kill Grey since he dies off camera or something else happens (it wouldn’t be the first time IO discards a very high-tension plot to uncover something even bigger that’s happening behind that first plot) that makes Grey not important.

4 - 47 wants to buy IO to force them to create a remake of Blood Money, Silent Assassin, Codename 47, etc. in the new Hitman engine and he needs all the partners money so he’ll not stop until he gets it.


I spat up my drink when I read this. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy:


Grey probably intends to kill 47 to stop his only threat to power

Grey is shown to know “villain” tropes all too well and did not make mistakes like monologuing, leaving dangerous people to die without 100% confirming death or other movie stuff. So Grey going after 47 would be idiotic but that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Most of the time, a smart villain in videogames goes down only after doing something stereotypically dumb.

“I should’ve killed you when I had the…chance…!” expires


I strongly disagree. Especially Hitman 2 had so many Intresting Targets like almost never before. From Drug Lord Rico Delgado who has a Museum about himself to literally every Target in Mumbai since they’re all Amazing. Of course the Game has Week Targets like Haven Founders and in particular Steven Bradley, who hasn’t even unique Voicelines when held a Gun at, but still.


I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that

I mean he is just a paper thin brogrammer stereotype. In fact all of the Haven targets are a little thin personality wise.

Steven’s the comic relief. I’d say Vetrova and Williams’s have the most interesting personalities with how her manipulations are factoring into his deteriorating sanity

Well I don’t find him very comical I just think he is a shallow parody. For a group of people whose main conflict is predicated on clashing personalities and gambits piling up they very rarely interact with each other.

I think Vetrova is the best target in the game beacause of her part in the sideplot


The questions H3 should answer :

  • Who exactly are the partners : friends, aristocrats with mutual interests ?

  • Why did they found Providence (is their wealth not enough) ? How many time did it take ?

  • Why is badeguard such in love with the blackballer and is MrOchoa such obsessed with remastering oldies ?


He wants only one old game remastered:Codename 47 and he has very good reasons for that.

He also wants a…

I have played Codename 47 and it is a good game.However,I am not a PC gamer and I would love to play it on a playstation.That is a big reason why I hesitate to replay it too much.
The graphics are also dated.I cannot believe this is the only old game in this franchise that hasn’t been remastered yet.
Some fixes would also be great for making the game smoother(like having a prompt for dumping a body in the sewers) and easier to play(like introducing saves or giving you some intel like in the other games).
And,in case you say that half of the levels from Codename are in Contracts:


Freeform Training has a NPC who says one of the families are running into financial trouble, so I always assumed it was around this time, in order to make money. But I think I’m right in saying that mission was set in the late 90s? The Constant said “we’ve been around a long long time” - would you consider the 90s to be a long long time?
I’m doubtful, even moreso when you think that Providence possibly funded Ortmeyer’s experiments as far back as the 1960s. But if this is the case, what of the Five Fathers? Weren’t they funding it?

My theory is that the three families consolidated their wealth a “long long time ago”, as in over a century ago, maybe two. The Partners are the living descendents of those founders, having inherited their positions. Ortmeyer used the Five Fathers to fund his experiments in the 1960s, but over time they lost faith in him (indicated in their letters in C47) and eventually pulled their funding. This is when Providence stepped in and offered to continue the financing. It’s quite possible that the financial problems experienced by one of the families (I think it was the Carlisles?) was because by the 90s, they were pouring vast amount of money into Ortmeyer’s research, and other projects for Providence’s expansion.
This would also explain why such an old organization has a first Constant (Janus) who is still alive. He was recruited in 1991, so this could mean that this was the point when Providence was large enough to need a Constant.


Does the game say specifically it was the 90s? Because 47 looks about 10-12 years old in that flashback, which would put it somewhere in the mid-1970s.

I think Janus was working with Providence while he was an active KGB agent and defected once he saw the way the world was going. It’s interesting too, that Diana ties his departure to the collapse of the Soviet Union, implying that Providence was powerful enough to decide the fate of a world power.


I believe Ritter died in 1998.

You make a good point about the Constant visiting Ortmeyer in the 1970s, so maybe the Five Fathers have been retconned out of the story? If Ortmeyer was with Providence, the Five Fathers wouldn’t be able to offer anything that would interest him. The only exception would perhaps be A) Their genetics are unique, or B) Working with them might mean he could break free from Providence’s control.
Really, I think IO just replaced the Five Fathers with Providence to suit the current storyline :confused: I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them even mentioned in the new games

Perhaps Providence had originally controlled governments and public assets, but by the early 90s they saw a change to the private sector. So they changed into investors, buying up shares in every company that matters (shares secured by Milton-Fitzpatrick and later ‘inherited’ by Arthur Edwards). If they’d done this in the 90s, it would explain the aforementioned dialogue about money problems - because they’d been so heavily investing it.

I’m a fan of merging things for a series-long continuity. What if they put up both money and genes for the project but it either wasn’t enough, or Ort-Meyer had larger ambitions that just extending their lives? His work gets discovered by Providence, who offer him additional resources and let him work on breeding the army of super soldiers. This distracts him from the organ project, pissing off the other Fathers, and C47 happens.

Love it love it. All the Stuyvesants would have (publically) is the gallery, which the Sparrow was robbing. Hence the contract on him?

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The prologue missions are training missions; thus, everyone other than 47 are actors. What if, instead of that conversation being in the script, it was just actors not realizing they were “on”, and it was just idle gossip? Which might lead one to ask, what, if any, relationship was there between ICA (or at least part of it) and Providence in 1999?

ICA had all the pieces, they just didn’t know what they meant until Colorado.