The Partners - Interesting Intel

… Underwater?


No :joy: talking about size

What will be most interesting is to find out how IO plans to wrap this up in six missions.

2 missions per partner (1 intel-gathering and one on location for the kill) would get boring quickly. The Resort might even cover all the rest of the intel-gathering required, so the first mission of H3 is killing a partner, but I doubt that: such a route would lack drama.

Something is going to have to happen with Grey and Hall (or with the ICA bosses), as a sub-plot, if just to use up some time.

One outlandish theory would be that we kill the Partners in the DLC, and then the whole of H3 is dedicated to getting out of the “going rogue” saga H2 got us into!

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I think this is what’s going to happen at the resort we kill a family member of one of the partners and another person to cover our tracks then the first mission of Hitman 3 at the location we kill the partner and an associate and it goes on from there

Oh god no…:rofl:

Battle royale sniper map lol

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I have a feeling the resort will be the hunting ground for the three.

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They wouldn’t dump all three Partners directly in the resort :thinking:

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You have any guarantee of that?

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We still don’t have the location of where they are and I highly doubt that they would end the storyline on a paid dlc. That’s not the usual.

Expansion dlcs are 90% side storylines. For example, the Po family, locating the Partners, Patient Zero with Liebleid being part of Providence.
It’s common sense to me


No but it feels too fast for people that hidden, and they are important, I feel like the hunt should need way more

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Yes, that’s it, I can’t imagine the game ending on killing them and ‘yay we are free now we saved the world from internal domination’, we gotta hunt those guys hiding

Golden Handshake is basically an Story Mission in DLC, so I think this treatment will happen again.


I can imagine after the Island the leads to the Partners come to a dead end so 47 and his gang have to come up with something new in H3 to get them. This way they are story DLCs, but not important ones you can miss.


Everything related to the partners is important. They are the reason for this whole storyline. Missing one mission related to them is losing part of the story.

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You can play Season 2 without knowing Season 1, but Season 3 might be difficult without previous knowledges

Well maybe we can also Play 3 without knowing the other ones. The thing one really has to confess is they made the plot way deeper the more you are willing to follow details, conversations of NPCs and so on. If that is too much for someone, the plot of the cutscenes is easier to follow.

This is how I imagine it:

Mission 1: something like Nightcall but bigger and fun
Mission 2: Eliminate Jin Poo and his son (both character models are in the game) and find intel
Mission 3: Eliminate the Stuyvesands
Mission 4: Eliminate the Carlisles
Mission 5: Eliminate the Ingrams
Mission 6: Eliminate final boss (Constant/Grey?)

They need to do a great job on cutscenes or add a extra mission in between to develop the story so it all makes sense.


Dianas parents who faked their death


*Jin Po :roll_eyes:



The Constant almost gets on our side when he discovers the Partners actually hide something from him

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