The Partners - Interesting Intel

Also, a thought on Diana knowing 47’s role in her parents’ deaths… In the end, she is very pragmatic. She would realise he was merely the weapon, not the one giving the kill orders. Now here is a theory… If the comics are cannon for this storyline, she was able to have all but one top dog from Blue Seed killed before joining the ICA. Not saying I’m right, but wouldn’t be too surprised if it turns out to be the woman partner of Providence after several name/id changes.


Hack the whittleton Creek FedEx and look for someone shipping a 6x3x3 box that weighs 120lbs internationally

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That actually sounds like that could make sense, thanks I’ll just run with that. To be honest, I just kept thinking back to hm2:sa, that first Japan mission but knew it couldn’t be like that. In fact, now that you mention that, that does seem too obvious to not have thought of something like that. So now I’m feeling like an idiot…:pensive:

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That’s my headcanon for it at least, the Ark Society is big enough to have their own planes, but FedEx can ship anything anywhere overnight

I am replaying Ark Society now, and the other Story Missions, but have a question now I cant get behind. They had panic, that the Constant would betray then, and so, they gave him the killswitch. Now, after the Washingtons dead, and the Constant compromised, they “killed” their own personalities and went undercover with project j_doe, the one they do with Haven. Alright, alright. But why did they gave everything to the Constant? They dont even know if he is still alive, yet, may not have been jumped the ship and works now for team lucas?

They did not give their shares to the Constant. In all likelihood, the Constant or one of his allies hacked the Partners’s accounts and transferred the money to his. Since the Constant hasn’t shown much hacking skill, we can safely say he had someone hack his accounts. The question is who?

It’s worth noting that we still know little about Grey. Sure, we’ve got a name, a backstory and a motive, but we don’t know:

  • How he survived until adulthood.
  • How long he has been stalking 47.
  • How he amassed his militia of terrorists and pirates.
  • When he started his Providence rebellion.
  • When he killed Cobb.
  • What his end goal is.

We dont know, all we know is, that they gave their shares to the constant, according to the files. Like a backupplan, maybe something they still had in charge before they distrusted the constant. But then, why not changing when there have been months inbetween? Just as stated in the game, between the constant getting taken hostage, and Haven, there are at least a few days inbetween. Why should they just back off and ignore their positions?

And the points you are giving can be explained by normal things that dont have to be part in the plot, sadly:

  • He fled and lifed a normal life. No records of him, everywhere, also, he knows how to kill. So why not just stealing someones identity, or stealing money, rent a house, get a job and life on?
  • Probably since 47 left the ICA in the prologue, but for sure since Codename 47. Its not too hard if you know his “modus operanti”, how Diana says.
  • How do people do this in real life? Contacts, favors, be at the right place the right time, make friends.
  • When he realised he was working for Providence. Maybe he didnt knew about Providence in the first place, only after he worked with Cobb, witnessing him having phone calls etc.
  • In his plane, some random A to B flight, but saw his opportunity. Alone with your target and one other soul to kill? Thats an assassins dream.
  • We dont know. But we will, in Season Three.
  • " What if the whole plot of the game is just a big attempt to fuck over Providence and putting the blame on ICA by using 47 as their puppet? "

Games and the age old story of this planet :wink:

Ceated a singularity so dense that nothing escapes its gravity

“Yes, I Can”


These kind of stories and real life always have a hidden hand (Dr. Claw),
whoes face we’ll never get to see.

HITMAN THREE is going to be EPIC


Boy am I glad we have to wait for a while until H3 comes out.

I love speculation like this. By the time H3 comes out we are going crazy with these theories right here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Another reason why I hope for it to be episodic again! I really do, just imagine the crazy theries when, indeed, there is someone even bigger than the constant, or the partners betray the constant (reach out for us to hunt down the constant, in case he betrayed the partners first?) Whatever it is, I just want to have it in bits. :smiley:


This is what i think
first mission will consist on killing those two men the constant was on the phone too, to find out where he is. - tutorial (we’re not killing anyone to important off)

second mission will be the constant

third mission one of the partners and some fam members

fourth mission one of the other partners and their fam

fifth mission last partner with there fam

sixth mission is Olivia because shes built a strong trust to Grey and will try and stop them from doing anything

last mission Lucas grey

I think it will be the constant who we kill last because it makes sense if you think about it. I do believe that the constant was Mr. X from silent assassin who was a herald at the time. Grey will be the second to last target which I suspect will be a more action oriented level but still can be SA/SO just very difficult.

I just hope none of them are killed via cutscene like travis was.


I doubt that we’re going to kill of The Constant in the second mission. He’s the most prominent bad guy, having appeared long before the Partners. Not to mention that the Haven cut scene revealed that he betrayed the Partners and has his own agenda. Either him or Grey (or both) is going to be the final target. And if it’s Grey, then he’s going to be the target of the second-to-last mission.


If the Constant did indeed recruit the Shadow Client, then I think the conversation would go something like:
Edwards:Lower the gun, Mister Grey. I’m not here to harm you.”
Grey: “That pin you wear says otherwise. Providence sent you to clean up their mess.”
Edwards:On the contrary, they’re unaware you even exist. Ortmeyer himself assigned you as dead.
Grey: “To die, you must first live.”
Edwards:He died, you know. Killed by his own creation, his own ‘son’. In a way, it’s oddly poetic.
Grey: “I saw the funeral. Through binoculars.”
Edwards:Hmm. Did it take away your pain, to know he was dead?
Grey: “You cannot begin to comprehend the concept of my pain. I suffer with every breath I take, knowing that these lungs are not my own. This life is artificial. I’m not a person. I’m a product.”
Edwards:Providence - "
Grey: " - Providence has decided my fate since before I was born. Stripped my life of purpose. Of meaning. They have authored for me an existence of eternal suffering. How could you possibly understand? You belong in this world.”
Edwards:Then help me stop them.”
Grey: “What? It’s impossible. Providence manages the world. If they imploded, the black hole would consume all of civilization.”
Edwards:Not if I take control. The Partners have forgotten how hunger feels. They’ve become complacent, and corrupt. I can render them powerless, but I need your help. I need you to find your brother, Ortmeyer’s favorite, and manoeuver them into giving me the reins. All their control, all their money, all their power.
Grey: “You sound like you’ve made this deal before.”
Edwards:I have once. Near the turn of the new millennium.
Grey: (skeptical) “And what do I get in return if I help you take over Providence? A cut of the profits? Your paper is worthless to me.”
Edwards:I’ll take away your pain, Lucas.
Grey: “What…?”
Edwards:Ortmeyer’s amnesiac compounds have been improved since his death. We can now tailor which memories to remove.
Grey: “You can…make me forget…? Make me forget who I am? What I am?”
Edwards:Blue pill or red pill, I can make it all go away. I can erase the unloved child who’s known nothing but death and misery. Lucas. I can heal you…
Grey: “And 47?”
Edwards:He has no pain. He can’t remember what they did to him in the asylum. He thinks he’s human.”
Grey: “How did he lose his memory?”
Edwards:You asked me if I’d made this deal before.
Grey: “47…?”
Edwards:He doesn’t feel a thing.”

Sorry if the dialogue is terrible and doesn’t completely fit with the lore :sweat_smile:

He smells like the ashes of the man he could’ve been.


The characterisation in this game, frankly, is pretty poor. A good target pops up once in a while, like Caruso or Cross, but they mostly come off as bland and underdeveloped. Like archetypes, rather than fleshed-out characters. As though they were in a fanmade game written on the forums.

We mostly don’t care since they’re one-offs, but when a target interests us and comes up short of characterisation, it’s quite disappointing.

Like Penelope Graves, for example. She is a likeable target we don’t really want to skill, that’s for sure. But that’s about it. She has one opportunity, hardly interacts with the rest of the militia, we don’t even know what exactly drove her to betray Interpol. No mentions of family, friends, lovers, colleagues. We don’t how Grey got her to switch, how long he had her on her side or anything else not spelt out on her profile.

And on from an overly sympathetic character to an overly unsympathetic one: Erich Soders. A green-eyed jackass in the past, a full-on traitor in the present. But we never see the reasons why he was such a pathetic, jealous man in the past, or why he wants to continuing living in the present. He could be an egomaniac, perhaps. Or maybe he has a spouse or child he has to live for.

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Yes, you’re right! In hindsight, I don’t think characterization has been great in the past games either, but that’s probably because we didn’t have the same character-building avenues as we now have (mission stories, overheard dialogue, recovered intel). But yes, some of the characters look and sound really cool, but in the level, they just feel like generic NPCs when they’re not doing one of their two special dialogues.
I liked Caruso and Janus because I think their characters were the most developed, but many of the others don’t have the characterization. Soders was kinda disappointing because there was so much potential but he spends the whole level on the operating table :confused: I was interested to see how a retired master assassin would handle an attempt on his life, and if he had some tricks that would hinder 47 - especially as he knows all of 47’s skills. And I wanted to learn more about him through his dialogues, because he seemed so mysterious in Greenland. AND! Soders is the highest ranking member of the ICA we’ve ever encountered, so it was a treat to ‘meet’ him, but he’s pretty much non-responsive! :imp:

TL;DR If you met most of the targets, you could guess the clichés of their characters based on the way they said “Hello” :confused:

Why can’t he just not want to die? :smile:

I have a feeling that this game is going to be the chronological end of the Hitman series (though the gaps between the Seasons, Absolution and Blood Money can be filled in). 47’s already pretty old and IOI raised the stakes to a ridiculously epic level with these Illuminati and long-lost brother plots. And if it’s all ending in Season 3, well, I can’t see how they can resolve all the plots, even in 8 missions. I think there will be a Downer Ending, 47 and/or Diana dying before taking down Providence or being betrayed by Grey or each other.

Don’t worry I am sure a new shadowy heretofore unknown organisation is lurking out there in the shadows to or another random clone or vengeful relative out there.


Six missions are more than enough to finish the plot. Even if there’s one mission for each of the Partners, the Constant and possibly Grey there’s still one mission left.

We’re probably going to kill the Partners and other important Providence members in the first missions and then chase after the Constant until Grey’s sudden but inevitable betrayal setting up the very final mission.

And as far as ridiculousness goes: The first game had a mad scientist creating his own clone army, the second game had a Russian arms dealer who wanted to steal and sell an atomic bomb and Blood Money had a rival assassination agency with Albino clones who wanted to kill the US President as part of a plane to ensure that no-one else has access to cloning technology.

A cabal of rich money makers trying to manipulate events in their favor so that they stay/become more powerful and rich isn’t that far-fetched all things considered.


Against the ultimate mastermind of the plot Carlton Smith!