The Pause/Break key is cool

Hi guys I discovered something realy cool
I don’t know if you guys knew about this but there is a Pause/Break key on your keyboard behind the Del key
By this you can stop the game without pressing Esc key.You can also open up the cheat menu and then press the Pause/Break key to have a live cheat menu

Just discovered it yesterday and was realy amazed
I also played with the death cutscene
Hope you guys find this useful


I alao was just wondering
How to unlock blocked levels in hitman 2 silent assassin beta 122

Hello. I was the one who, years ago, discovered all the locked content of the beta 122 build. It is very simple to unlock the existing levels in that build just by using the level select ini edit, but the ones that are blacked out simply weren’t created yet during the 122 build.

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