The PC Hardware Thread

I’m surprised there isn’t a thread like this, or at least an active one, here on the forum considering that alot of people here play on PC. In short, this thread is for discussing PC hardware and news surrounding PC hardware.

I guess I’ll start off the thread with this:

The 3070 launched today. I haven’t really heard anything yet about what the preorder situation was like this time around but I know Nvidia stopped selling the cards straight from their site. Has anybody here tried to order the card and were you able to?


I awaited the Ampere announcement since I plan to get a new PC next year. I use a 680GTX since 2012 and really look forward to that. But while I always was happy with the GPU, the crippling part was always the 2GB Vram. That is why I felt puzzled that the Ampere GPUs ended up having so few Vram.

From their cards I also am most interested in the 3070, but with more Vram. Maybe a future Super or Ti model. So I can’t help with sharing any experience preordering them.

On a side note, I was surprised how good AMD’s new Radeon setup turned out to be yesterday. I expected Big Navi to be around the power of RTX 2080, but it seems they can challenge every Ampere card currently with less price, less power consumption and more Vram. :open_mouth: Can’t wait to see some benchmarks.

Maybe I get one of these since I already decided to get an AMD processor this time as well, though I would really miss Nvidia Ansel + Shadow Play. :thinking:


I’ve recently got a new notebook with GTX 1650 and Ryzen 5 4600H and I’m very happy. I know gaming PC is suprerior in every way, but I needed a new notebook that I could bring with myself elsewhere, so I had to go with downer. Today I just bought a cooler to not overheat. My setup looks wild, but hey, Hitman 2 runs like a butter, and hopefully will next Hitman game will too.

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The new AMD GPU’s as well as Zen 3 Ryzen CPU’s have me very excited. I’m glad to see that AMD finally managed to level the playing field, especially due to how complacent Intel have come in recent years. I’m still waiting for third party test and benchmarks results, however as of now I might do an all AMD build this time around. Last time I had an AMD CPU was back in 12, when I used their phenom series to run Absolution.

If the RX 6800 TX can go toe to toe with RTX 3080, then I’m more than willing to go with it. In my eyes there will be several benefits, lower power consumption, cheaper and unlike the GTX series getting one this year seems very possible.

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Wow. The performance on these processors are unreal. Even the 5600X, the cheapest of the bunch, outperforms the Core i9-10900K. Very impressive.

So… I was planning on getting Cyberpunk 2077 on release, but just realized my processor is a tad bit too weak according to the minimum requirements (minimum is i5-3570k, and mine is i5-6400).

I am planning on getting a completely new rig as soon as possible, but some of the components aren’t in stock at my preferred store at the moment (I wanna get an RTX 3080 among other things).

Is anyone well versed enough in this kind of stuff to give me a qualified guess as to whether I might still be able to run the game, and what the consequences might be? I am really not that savvy when it comes to the hardware side of computers, and I don’t want to end up with a broken down computer before I can get my new one.

My other components fulfill the recommended requirements.

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