The Politics Of Hitman


In relation to the latest ET, everyone’s ‘favourite’ (and hopefully only) obese facist revolutionary, I’ve been thinking about how Hitman can expand on modern ideas, in relation to this i personally disliked Abiatti from Landslide, as he felt like a 2D typical trump style nationalist, with no redeeming qualities.

So how do you all think Hitman can expand on these themes more in the modern era? Forgive my waffle, but wanted to make sure I made the right point! First impressions count :sweat_smile:


Anything satirical.

Society is ridiculous, let’s make fun of it.


i thought Abiatti was a funny caricature, but i think the other ways in which IO is exploring politics is interesting as well. if you’ve heard the conversation at the bar in Hokkaido, they talk about things like Brexit. and now with the Revolutionary they go for politics once again.
i think IO should do whatever they want with politics, so far it’s working (for me).


True, but satire requires a degree of subtlety, something the Abiatti hit lacked


True, there could be some interesting altercations and situations based on it though. In the context of something like Morocco, where the locals are rioting against a Swedish banker, a middle aged white dude in a nice suit sauntering through the crowd might not been seen as an allystrong text


Hey, Putin is basically as close as we get to a real ICA Director, with all his shady murder-y business


I agree with cake, I’ve been liking what they’ve been doing so far, even with Abiatti. The politician in WC is similar too.

To address the OP though, I’m not sure what specifically they could do outside of satirizing real historical figures.

A unique (but probably unpopular) approach would be to take typically admired figures who, when examining their life closely, weren’t exactly “pure” and satirizing them and their faults. Think Gandhi, or Che Guevara. Satirizing them would be kind of refreshing instead of all these people we love to hate.

Outside of that, I’m fine killing bankers. I’d rather this Illuminati nonsense stop though and we see more real-world parallels


I’m fine with IOI satirizing real-world politics, but I’d encourage them to do so in fun (as television shows and videogames always used to do) and not to be too heavy-handed in pushing their own ideological beliefs. We’ve seen in 2018 that gamers don’t particularly enjoy being preached to, and it ain’t good for business. We all love Hitman, and I don’t think any of us want to see it mired in controversy.


Exactly what my sleep deprived mind was trying to get at! I suppose it all comes from not really feeling any gravitas for your actions when assassinating a ‘providence herald’ compared to a equally layered and intricate character who is something like a revolutionary, or maybe a discount Ghandi who turns out to be playing his followers and not actually a pacifist. Something just to add more gravitas and subtlety to the game


As long as it’s presented in such a way that there isn’t much room in community discussions for dumbasses to complain and so there isn’t any fuel for people to use to push whatever agenda they have then I don’t care go wild.


That’s my problem with Abiatti, I’m politically left wing but even stil I found it quite heavy handed. If they’re aiming for satire, I’d like for both sides to be satirised


To each to their own, I suppose. I’m quite a big narrative dude so it’s got quite a lot of important to me. Plus, was the dumbass part aimed at me or? Don’t know if I read it wrong :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I’m a bit tired of the New World Order angle, too. Maybe return to something more grounded in future.

Even though I’m a story guy, I’d kinda like to see a game just focus on an ordinary year in the life of 47. No big conspiracy, no connected targets. Just a collection of 47’s most interesting jobs from January to December.

Let each individual contract be interesting in and of itself.


I just want a pope contract already, the Vatican would make an amazing hitman map


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“A college map would cause some controversy, to say the least!”

That is a damn good point. Free advertizement at the same time though. They just have to not bend or apologize when the net lynch mobs comes crying bout fee fee’s and waves finger.

Member the nuns in the absolution ad…? I thought they got bad attention for that, but told the nay sayers to F-off.


If they did it like a traditional English boarding school, with a Beldingford vibe it could be pulled off without too many whiners


Part of me feels like controversy is integral to the franchise, we are playing as a Hitman after all


That’s true, but the ICA normally puts contracts on people who are already criminals as to keep alliance with groups like the CIA, FBI ect. So how could a college be factored in?


Some asshole’s kid needs to go. Think Jordan Cross but younger.

There’s plenty of douchebags in Uni