The Politics Of Hitman

Creating an account on a forum that’s all about the hitman games, only to talk politics and stir shit up might not be the way to go.

Somewhat relevant: i don’t feel any need to discuss politics on the forum of my favorite game. I got other places to do that.

Not saying people shouldn’t discuss those topics here, i just feel it’s somewhat misplaced.


^^^ Yes I recommend the above, going into ghost mode with only the information IOI gives you is certain defeat.

To veer this topic back on track, I would like to see another Amendment XXV style level.

That was difficult, target was very high profile as among the political elite in the U.S., and it just took some solving to figure out. A really good penultimate level.

Maybe adifferent country’s PM? or somebody of the same significance as the VP of the USA (or perhaps the president!!!)

I agree with your main point, @Jean_Claude.

As I said in my earlier statement, I don’t want Hitman to become a platform that pushes the developers’ personal socio-political opinions, be they leftist, rightest, centrist or nano-deterministic (that’s the highly credible belief posited by Liquid Snake of Metal Gear Solid fame that nano-particles, either technological or biological, control a person’s fate, making their life decisions ultimately irrelevant, but I digress … :smile:)

The developers’ taking any hardline position instead of merely endeavouring to entertain us with their satire would risk fracturing the fanbase and put the future of the series in jeopardy.

We can get our serious political fixes elsewhere. Hitman doesn’t have to suffer or die for a cause. Any cause.

So, sure, satirize Trump, or Hitler, or Obama, or Hilary; satirize atheists or believers; satirize anything within reason and good taste. But do so without an agenda, with the singular intention of entertaining the audience, and if you gently poke fun at humanity in general, no one group will feel alienated. Everyone can laugh at everyone else’s perceived foibles, and feel like they’re in on the joke.


That’s just cowardly to be honest.

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No, it’s smart business, to prioritize pleasing customers with a diverse array of opinions and beliefs.

Are you not pro-diversity, Quinn? I was under the impression you were.


In this example of a Bonus Mission, I imply some probability that philanthropic organizations like the “International Children’s Fund” (ie: UNICEF) may turn to assassination if they felt powerless against a sheikh/royal family member who engages in sex slavery and human trafficking.

47 is like the video game version of The Equalizer. He can be called in to settle the personal affairs of powerful people, governments, corporations.

Almost anything is game as far as I’m concerned. The main requirement is that the situation is dire enough such that “someone has to go”. Extreme enough that someone would pay to make it happen.

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@Quinn, I understand that you have strong liberal beliefs, and I’m sure that I share many of your ideals; I’m pro-gay, pro-transgender, pro-integration among people with compatible moral values, pro-anything-that-makes-the-individual’s-life-better-without-hurting-anyone-else.

I’m just saying that not every entertainment product should make pushing a message a top priority, because people think differently, and not even the best-intentioned message is always one hundred percent correct. Sometimes the other side has a point.

I agree with things the Left thinks and I agree with things the Right thinks, and I disagree with some things they both think. And who here is qualified to say that I’m wrong? Nobody.

And neither is a group of videogame developers who are no wiser than I am. That’s all I’m saying.

So if they insist on forcefeeding me something that I don’t believe is true, all it’s going to do is annoy me, and turn me off their game, and I don’t want to be turned off Hitman.

None of us should want anyone else to be turned off Hitman, because if enough people are turned off, then the series might sink, and then what will we all have to talk about?! We’ll have to join other gaming forums, and it’ll suck. lol

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I think it’s pretty unfair to expect video game designers to push agendas. Sure, they have a platform, but just because you have a platform does not mean you have to push your agenda from it. Imagine if all games pushed agendas? I’m sure you’d love it if every game had your agenda but you’d have just as many games pushing an agenda you’re opposed to. The lead on Kingdom Come Deliverance and Notch both support Gamergate. I would hate for their agendas to be pushed, it would ruin the game for me.

Also, studios probably have diverse opinions. Imagine if our favourite developers left IOI because the higher ups decided to push an agenda they disagree with? It’d suck.


As someone who lives in one of the most gender-equal countries in the world, I want to share that here… in films and TV we get “good guys” and “bad guys” of all genders (including gay people). It’s just not an issue. Some shows have gay characters, some shows have none. A woman can be a witch in some fantasy show. In another show the “mother” of a heroine is a man in drag (yes… I don’t know how that works). It’s just not an issue anymore.

Openly sexual admiration both on and off TV is mostly acceptable. If a woman is dressed in a revealing manner on TV, it’s because she’s usually playing a certain kind of character, doesn’t get any comments from anyone.

Basically a lot of gender issues are really non-issues here. If IOI wrote a mission where some warlord got his hands on a nuclear weapon and one of his hostages was a gay reporter who howls like a hyena in a dungeon… the reaction here would mostly be: “OK.” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Minecraft love


edit: I am not promoting Notch’s views

Friends who want to stay friends don’t talk about religion or politics.


Friends who will always be friends talk about religion and politics.

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I agree with your comment, Silverballer.

The only reason I haven’t liked it is because of this …

I don’t know anything about the developers of Kingdom Come Deliverance, and I’m fuzzy on the controversy surrounding Gamergate, so I’d need to do my research before endorsing that opinion. lol

pretty fucked up stuff. Prepare to be depressed


Sounds interesting, though. lol

On the flip side, I do think IO have the right to artistic freedom, and that includes their political beliefs. I was laughing pretty hard at the Revolutionary talking about how “socialism” was a failure in Scandinavia.

Reminded me of the people who call Canada, Europe, The Nordic Countries etc Socialist when none of them are lol. It felt a little preachy, but that is their right. I’m here more for the gameplay.

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It is absolutely their right to preach if they wish. I don’t deny it.

I’d just rather they abstained to a greater degree, for their own financial sake and for the sake of many of their fans.

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I don’t expect anyone to push agendas or to push a message as a “top priority”. Their priority is to make an entertaining game. What I also don’t expect, however, is for any artist to feel like they have to censor themselves or sanitise their story, dialogue or referencing to appease a bunch of thin skinned reactionaries. When you suggest satire of people like Trump must take place without “pushing an agenda”, that is not only cowardly but also a completely vacuous way of looking at humour, because satire is a way of exposing hypocrisy and stupidity through comedy. Satire without a point to make is soulless. In fact, it can’t even technically be satire.

I saw that same kind of cowardice from a senior developer on The Division 2 who was claiming the game ‘is not making any political statements’ when it is set in Washington DC during the next American Civil War, with your team fighting against a tyrannical Government. What’s the point in your narrative if you’re not using it to at least have some mild form of social commentary? EVERYTHING has that. All art is informed by its creators and interpreted by its viewers, so at the very least, it’s going to have some sort of social commentary - Why should that be stripped because some people are too sensitive?

I don’t even want to share the same digital space with cryptofascists and nationalists. No work of art, big or small, should tread on eggshells around those kind of people. When you won’t even make fun of Trump because you risk “offending” his thin skinned fanbase, that’s a problem.

Which is precisely why I never gave Deliverance my money and why I stopped paying attention to Notch. He’s just a wind up merchant now anyway, he must be really bored with his billionaire lifestyle because all he does is say provocative shit on Twitter for attention.

I’d advise you to stay the fuck away if you don’t know what it is. The whole GamerGate thing would have been a complete embarrassing joke if it weren’t for the organised harassment campaign towards a handful of individual women that made up the heart of it. At its core it was a digital hate mob using some nebulous claim about “ethics in games journalism” as a smokescreen for their bullshit. That’s all you need to know.

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Politics in Hitman is exclusively about cloning. US presidential elections are decided on that topic exclusively.

I’m not a big fan of cloning. According to many in this topic, we’re all the same anyway so what’s even the point!

White nationalism and fascism are bad, I think we can all agree on that. Could we get back to discussing the politics of Hitman please? Before the thread gets locked down?

Anyways, Blood Money’s plot had human cloning as an important policy in the US election. The whole cloning angle has pretty much been dropped in the two new games, as you have stuff like the Ortmeyer project being referred to as ‘genetic manipulation to create supersoldiers’ but without calling it clonning outright, or the doctors at Gama apparently not knowing about cloning in their analysis of 47 as a patient.

Cloning should be a relevant political issue in the Hitman world again. Make Cloning Great Again! A good way to start would be to mention it in those news broadcasts with acclaimed GNN reporter Pam Kingsley. GNN also mentioned a climate summit taking place in Sweden. Wouldn’t mind seeing Jin Po and his son Tren as targets there. The hits on Abiatti and Murillo were great, so I’m also looking forward to killing the Po’s.

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